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In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. In this classic Reformed approach in The Work of the Holy Spirit , Kuyper attempts to address the theological and doctrinal shortcomings regarding the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. His pneumatology is biblically comprehensive, theologically expansive, and ecclesiastically faithful. Abraham Kuyper — founded the Free University in Amsterdam and served as a professor of theology.

At the invitation of B. Kuyper studied at the University of Leiden, and received his doctorate there in He became a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in , and consistently called for the separation of church and state. He also led a secession from the Dutch Reformed Church and united several disparate Reformed churches in the Netherlands. Kuyper also led an active political life. He served as a member of Parliament in the Netherlands beginning in and served as prime minister from — Abraham Kuyper was instrumental in the development of Neocalvinism, and is remembered for his articulation of common grace and for popularizing the notion of a Reformed worldview.

Format: Digital. Be the first to rate this. Enjoy June's Monthly Sale. Sale price. Add to Cart. The Work of the Holy Spirit includes a lengthy introduction by B. About Abraham Kuyper.


The Work of the Holy Spirit

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Free eBook: "Work of the Holy Spirit," by Abraham Kuyper

Kuyper writes in his preface, "to represent the work of the Holy Spirit in its organic relations, so that the reader may survey the entire domain. And in surveying, who is not surprised at the ever-widening dimensions of the work of the Holy Spirit in all the things that pertain to God and man? The brief sections that make up this work first appeared in the Heraut, a Dutch religious weekly of which Dr. Kuyper served as editor. So it is that this profound exposition is lucidly written in the language of the ordinary people for whose spiritual growth he was deeply concerned. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….


The Holy Spirit

We shield instinctively the intimacies of kindred and friends from intrusive observation, and nothing hurts the sensitive heart more than the rude exposure of that which should not be unveiled, being beautiful only in the retirement of the home circle. Indeed, we can scarcely find words to express it, for it touches a domain far below the social life where language is formed and usage determines the meaning of words. Glimpses of this life have been revealed, but the greater part has been withheld. It is like the life of Him who did not cry, nor lift up nor cause His voice to be heard in the street. Sometimes the stillness has been broken by a cry or a raptured shout; but there has been mainly a silent working, a ministering of stern rebuke or of sweet comfort by that wonderful Being in the Holy Trinity whom with stammering tongue we adore as the Holy Spirit. Spiritual experience can furnish no basis for instruction; for such experience rests on that which took place in our own soul.

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