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Permission g ranted to photocop y. Rate of Fire. Keeping track of ammunition is essential in a game of survival horror. For your convenience, we have included ammo record sheets. Please photocopy them and distribute them amongst the players so they may keep track of ammunition for each of their guns or hold these sheets and record the ammo as it is used.

This enable Zombie Masters to determine exactly when their hapless zombie chow runs out of bullets. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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I can reorder pages, print multiple pages and assemble it all as needed. Typically that is a 3-ring binder with extra pages of paper. This journal follows in the same great level of artistic style that we come to expect from Eden. It looks like a spiral notebook, like the kind a zombie hunter might keep in a back pocket. But instead of lists of kills or notes on how to kill what supernatural beastie, this has all the information you need for your character. Plenty of room for qualities, drawbacks, skills and notes.


AFMBE Character Sheet

Unless otherwise stated, the files are in PDF format, and A4 size. Disclaimer: Commercial use of these resources is strictly forbidden. The copyrights of games and works they may be based on belong to the companies that produced them. Logos and other artwork are used on a 'fair use' rationale. Generic character sheet - A basic character sheet. A custom version with a ready selection of attributes is also available. Generic character sheet - A minimalist character sheet with a retro feel.

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