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Page Count: Getting St arted Guide. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments:. EA 3 Hz - The information contai ned in this document is subject to change.

Agilent T echnologies makes no warranty of any kind with r egard to this. T echnologies shall not be liable for error s contained he rein or f or. The following safety symbols are used thro ughout this manual. F amiliarize yourself with the symbols and their meaning befor e. It calls attention to a procedure. Do not proceed beyond a warni ng note.

It calls att ention to a procedure t hat, if not. Do not proc eed beyond a ca ution sign unt il. It provides. Additional Information. F or the latest information abo ut this a nalyzer , includin g firmw are. Con tents. Installation and Setup. Init ial Inspe ction. Pow er R equir eme nts. AC Powe r Cord. Tur ning o n the Anal yzer for the F irst T ime. Usin g an Exter nal R efer ence.

Fir mware Revi sion. Runn ing Inter nal A lignm ents. Pri nter S etup and Ope ratio n. Pro tect ing A gains t Ele ctro stati c Dis char ge. Saf ety Inform ation. Front and Rear Panel Featu res. Fro nt Pa nel Over view. Fro nt-Pa nel Conne ctor s an d Keys. Dis play A nnot ation s. Rea r-Pan el Fe atu res. Key Over view. Fro nt an d Re ar Pa nel Sy mbols. Making a Basic Measurement. Usin g the Fron t Pa nel. Ent ering Data. Usin g Men u Keys.

Pre settin g th e Sp ectrum Ana lyzer. Cre ating a U ser P res et. View ing a Sign al. Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files. File Me nu Fu nctio ns. Loc ating and view ing fil es in the cata log.

Cre ating a di rect ory. Savi ng a File. Step 1. S et up the anal yzer t race. Step 2. Loa ding a file. Rena ming a Fi le. Cop ying a File. Dele ting a Fi le. Usin g the Alph a E ditor. Options and Accessories. Ord ering Opt ions and A cce ssori es. Opt ions. Acc essor ies. AC Probe. AC Probe Low Fre quenc y. Bro adban d Pr eampl ifie rs and Pow er Am pli fier s. GPI B Cab le. RF and T rans ient L imite rs.

Stat ic S afe Ac ces sorie s. In Case of Difficulty. Type s of Spect rum A nalyz er M essag es. Before Calling Agilent Techno logies. Chec k the Bas ics. Read the Warr anty. Servi ce Op tion s. Calling Agilent Technologies. Ret urning an A nalyze r for Ser vice. Thi s chap ter pr ovid es th e f ollo wing inf orm atio n th at you m ay n eed whe n yo u fi rst rece ive. Chapter 1 7. Inspect the shi pping container and the cus hioning material for signs of stress.

Retain the. V erif y that the conte nts of the ship ping contai ner are. The followi ng table lists the items shipped with the analyzer. Item Descript ion. Adapter EA and E44 48A only 2. Adapter EA a nd EA only 2. Standard Documentatio n Set. Getting Started Gui de Covers unpa cking a nd setting up th e analyzer , analyzer.

Incl udes. Measur ement Gui de Provide s details on how to measure v arious signals , and how. Specif icatio ns Gui de Docu ments specifi cation s , s afety , and reg ulatory infor matio n. Instrum ent Message s and Functiona l T ests Includes instrumen t messages a nd suggesti ons for. Y ou can vi ew and pr int the in format ion as ne eded. Se e the. CD-ROM jacket for insta llation informati on.

NO TE If you pur chased on e or more optional m easurem ent perso nalities, the rela ted guid es for the. Serv ice do cumen tatio n is not inc luded in the standa rd documenta tion set. If The re Is a Problem. If the shipping materials are damaged or the contents of the container are incomplete:. T able Y ou will not need to wait for a claim sett lement. Chapter 1 9. The only physical installation of your Agil ent spectrum ana lyzer is a connection t o a power.


E4440A - Keysight / Agilent Spectrum Analyzers

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The PSA Series is designed to be intuitive yet flexible. Phase noise optimization, swept or FFT analysis, a full suite of detector modes, resolution bandwidth settings and a 2dB step attenuator give you ultimate control over your measurements. Likewise, select the auto couple feature and have the PSA choose the settings for the best combination of speed and dynamic range.


Agilent Technologies E4440A Getting Started Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Getting Started Guide. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments:. Table of Contents. Agilent Technologies makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Agilent Technologies shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

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