Главная Entsorgungstechnik: Chemie und Verfahren. Entsorgungstechnik: Chemie und Verfahren "Entsorgungstechnik - Chemie und Verfahren" provides an overview of current methods of waste treatment, exhaust air purification and cleaning up old industrial sites The chemical fundamentals of the processes are described to provide better understanding of the reactions occurring while, at the same time, demonstrating the application of chemistry of the technology of disposal. Practical examples aid the assessment and choice of suitable disposal processes.

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Home Domestic appliances Floor care Vacuum cleaners null null. Further support Detailed information on the appliance can be found in the operating instructions, which you can download from our web site at www.

See reverse of this document. Do not use any unsafe work techniques. Switch off the appliance and disconnect the mains plug in the following situations: - Prior to cleaning and servicing - Prior to replacing components - Prior to changing over the appliance - If foam develops or liquid emerges Besides the operating instructions and the binding accident prevention regulations valid in the country of use, observe recognised regulations for safety and proper use.

Purpose and intended use Since , there is a new division of hazardous dusts and their assigned vacuum machines. Dust Class M medium. The machine is tested in its entirety by vacuums for this dust class.

The maximum degree of permeability is 0. Dust Class H high. The dusts which belong to this class are: dusts with OEL values1 , all carcinogenic dusts and dusts which are mixed with pathogenic agents. Vacuums for Dust Class H are tested in their entirety and have a maximum degree of permeability of 0. The disposal must be dust free. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from such use.

The risk for such use is borne solely by the user. See operating instructions. Order No. The hose diameter and the setting for the suction hose diameter must be the same. When the motor is running, hold the suction hose shut. Transport 1. Before transporting the dirt tank, close all the locks.

Do not tilt the cleaner if there is liquid in the dirt tank. Do not use a crane hook to lift the cleaner. Storage 1. Store the appliance in a dry place, protected from frost. Electrical connection 1. It is recommended that the vacuum cleaner should be connected via a residual current circuit breaker. Arrange the electrical parts sockets, plugs and couplings and lay down the extension lead so that the protection class is maintained.

Connectors and couplings of power supply cords and extension leads must be watertight. Extension lead 1. Wear a P2 breathing mask. Only carry out maintenance work described in the operating instructions.

Always pull out the mains plug before cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. During maintenance and cleaning, handle the vacuum cleaner in such a manner that there is no danger for maintenance staff or other persons.

In the maintenance area 1. Wear protective clothing 3. Clean the maintenance are so that no harmful substances get into the surroundings. According to AA. Clean the outside of the vacuum cleaner, wipe it clean or pack the vacuum cleaner in well sealed packaging 2. EST LV During maintenance and repair work all contaminated parts that could not be cleaned satisfactorily must be: 1. N Touching a faulty mains connecting lead can result in serious or even fatal injuries.

Do not damage the mains power lead e. Regularly check whether the power cord is damaged or shows signs of ageing. SK Contact with live components leads to serious or even fatal injuries. Never spray water on to the upper section of the vacuum cleaner. RUS 1. The connection of different appliances can result in damage.

Prior to plugging in an appliance, always switch off the vacuum cleaner and the appliance that is to be connected. Read the operating instructions to the appliance to be connected and observe the safety notes contained in these.

The appliance can be damaged as a result of being connected to an unsuitable mains voltage. Ensure that the voltage shown on the rating plate corresponds to the voltage of the local mains power supply. Due to their construction vacuum cleaners with a removable tank SD do not have an automatic level indicator.

Never pick up more than 40 litres at once. Switch off the vacuum cleaner and empty the dirt tank. Vacuuming up hazardous materials can lead to serious or even fatal injuries 1. The following materials must not be picked up by the vacuum cleaner: - hot materials burning cigarettes, hot ash, etc.

Use a suction hose with a diameter of 36 mm. Use the closable plastic sack to ensure dust-free transport of the vacuum cleaner and contaminated parts hose, hand pipe, nozzles, etc.

A written report must be made by a specialist and signed by him. When picking up materials containing asbestos the exhaust air must not be returned into the room. Use the exhaust air socket and a hose with a length of maximum 4 m and a nominal diameter of minimum 50 mm. The use of non-genuine spare parts and accessories can impair the safety of the appliance.

GR Materials picked up can present a hazard to the environment. Dispose of the dirt in accordance with legal regulations. SLO Recycling the cleaner Make the old cleaner unusable immediately. Unplug the cleaner. Cut the power cord. Do not discard of electrical appliances with household waste. Contact your local authorities or your nearest dealer for further information.

This quick reference guide does not replace the separate operating instructions, which describes the appliance in detail. The operating instructions also contain further information on the operation, maintenance and repair of the appliance. Meaning of the symbols The instructions for actions are subdivided into 4 sections, which are represented by symbols. Check whether your appliance is equipped with the control elements or special accessories depicted.

If not, please proceed to the next action. Jede sicherheitsbedenkliche Arbeitsweise unterlassen. Nie ohne Filter saugen. Staubklasse M mittel. Siehe Betriebsanleitung.

Bei laufendem Motor Saugschlauch zuhalten. Elektrischer Anschluss 1. P2-Atemschutzmaske tragen. Im Wartungsbereich 1. Schutzkleidung tragen 3. Laut der Vorschrift AA. Stromschlag durch defekte Netzanschlussleitung. Rissbildung, Alterung. Nie mehr als 40 Liter auf einmal aufsaugen. SK CZ 1. Saugeroberteil nie mit Wasser abspritzen. Magnesium-, Aluminiumstaub usw. Dies ist vom Sachkundigen schriftlich festzuhalten und abzuzeichnen. Netzstecker ziehen. Netzanschlussleitung durchtrennen.

Bedeutung der Symbole Die Handlungsanweisungen sind in 4 Bereiche unterteilt, die durch Symbole dargestellt sind. Voir au dos de ce document.

Entreposage 1. Portez un masque de protection des voies respiratoires P2. Dans la zone de maintenance 1. Sectionnez le cordon.


Entsorgungstechnik: Chemie und Verfahren

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Home Domestic appliances Floor care Vacuum cleaners null null. Further support Detailed information on the appliance can be found in the operating instructions, which you can download from our web site at www. See reverse of this document. Do not use any unsafe work techniques.

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