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From left to right: Antareja — Antasena — Wisanggeni. This is the most touching story of the Bharatayudha. A story that invites a lot of controversy. If Antareja were involved and went down to the battlefield, thousands of Kurawa soldiers could have died in a moment by his power as a descendant of snake and dragon kingdom whose with only by a single touch on his enemies footstep will turn them into dust in a blink of an eye.

Or Antasena, who is believed to be able to turn over the wayang world realm with only by flexing of his palms. The story of sacrifice in which is rarely to be told, an event that turned out to be happen, a moment before the Bharatayudha War. A story of knights whose willingly accept their death on their own distinguish way for the sake of their family, and for the purity of the predestined war, called as..

Raden Werkudara aka Bhima aka Bimasena was the only one of the five Pandavas that has to accept the death of his three sons, whose died before and around the Bharatayuda War. Yes, a war that represents war between good and evil, but in the more complicated ways.

As a figure of a father of course, Raden Werkudara aka Bhima is very proud of his three children, and the pride that culminates in a moment of deep sadness as he faces the fate of all his proud sons must die in the near future.

Who is Antasena? And Who is Wisanggeni? All three of them were the knights of the Pandavas. Antareja is slightly different from his two brothers. Unlike the other two, Antareja still speaks good language, and very polite. But the rest of his traits are the same as his two brothers, stright forward, kind, and honest. A great holly war that involving sacrifice, and losing, that will awaken the awareness of every souls in wayang realm about the true meaning and esence of life, that predestined had to be happened for a greater good.

Therefore, Antareja, Antasena, and Wisanggeni were the three Knights of the Pandavas who would surely thwart the Bharatayudha from it sole purpose. If these three Pandavas were ensured to join the Bharatayudha, the immediate aftermath of the Bharatayudha is as clear as the morning sky. It would be Kurawa massacre that about to be happen in a blitz just like a lightning strike, not a holly war that spilled blood for thgreater good for both sides.

Therefore, Antareja, Antasena, and Wisanggeni should die for the sole purpose of Bharatayuda. And surprisingly, all three of them realize this and voluntarily bring their own life to their ends in their own distinguish knighthood. Indeed, it is very painful for the living to talk about the choice of how to die. But it is an act of corruption to speak of Antareja, Antasena, and Wisanggeni without accepting any of the three ways of how and why have they chosed to die for the sake of all.

Among the children of Bhima, Antasena is the most powerful and wise, he can fly, can breathe on the earth and can live on land and sea. His skin is scaly and immune to all kinds of any weapons of war. His heart is so good as a defender of Truth, Straight forward and firm. Like Antareja and Wisanggeni, Antasena was not allowed to join the Bharatayudha War, due to his unmatched might compared to the Kurawa, when it came to war the situation became unbalanced.

For this reason Sri Krishna was sent by the gods to act as negotiators, so that all of them including Raden Antasena would willingly to not joining the battle of Kurusetra, for the balance of the universe, the glory, and the good of everyone, who live or die, before and or after the war.

But unexpectedly Raden Antasena appeared before Sri Krishna himself in the very most unexpected ways. In an appearance of in disguised that was even unnoticed by the Sri Krishna himself whose famous for his ingenuity. Sri Krishna was actually very sad about the decision of the gods to ask these two Werkudara sons for moksa.

His knowledge of life and its meaning are profound. Sri Krishna only wept to hear the statement of the youth, a young man, the Son of Bhima whose wisdom and devotion made the gods shudder. Raden Antasena lives with her mother and grandfather as the ruler of Kisiknarmada. They both were very composed, and very well understood that their existence were not need for the purity of Bharatayudha. Wisanggeni and Antasena have decided to not to return to the world and meet their fated destiny.

And then gradually shrunk and finally disappeared altogether gone and disapear, join with the universe. A bit different with the death of his two brother and cousin, the death of Raden Antareja is also quite unique in its own way. Strong and almighty, but very polite and carring, soft spoken person. A very rare characteristic for someone whose born from a Dragon Race of the Wayang Realm. But, yes, it was born form his mom actually, the Goddess Nagagini whose character is very faithful, very devoted, love towards others and very carring.

It was a moment before the Bharatayudha, just like this one, but with a further back. Before the Bharatayudha was actually the most touching moment among all of the Mahabharata episodes. Because in these chapters of Mahabharata, you will be taken to dive in into the deepest thought and truth of every character in Mahabharata.

Mahabharata is not only a story about good and evil. In general, yes it is all about good and evil, but in the essence, the story itself was actually tells about life itself in general. You will be taken to dive into the thought, heart and mind of not only the Pandavas, but also the Kauravas.

Why they harbouring hatred toward the Pandavas, why the Kurusetra War should has been happened, everything was bound into the law of causallities. He took his semedi meditation , contempelating on his own, tracking back, looking for reasons, remembering every files and memories inside, reading back every chapters of his lifes, every moment of sadness and joy, every reasons of why and how all of these should have been happened. He is very well understood that he also deserves for some part of the blame, because his inner thought knew that he also took part for making all of this happened with passively doing nothing toward the conflicts of the Kuru family.

But then he was thinking, even if he was given the chance to repeat the same moment as he thought that he was mistaken, he will and will be still doing the samething that he thought that it was mistaken.

Because everyone in wayang realm knew that that was and is Bhisma, a man of character, a man whose act is predictable for not and will never be deviating from the course of dharma good deeds. Not because of he is stupid, nor because of he never understood of how the asimetrical warfare of thinking supposed to be. But because of that is Bhisma Dewabrata, a man of oath, his word and his work is the representation of dharma itself. And in the deep of sadness of his silent though, there was Antareja who was then appear before his very eyes, greeting him.

His spirit could travels back to the past, and even breaking through into the future. And this unique special ability of his is one of many reason of which making Antareja becoming a mature person whose wisdom are equal to Bhisma, Hanoman, Semar, and other elders, whose making him more easily and comfortable to hangout with the elders. Antasena said that he was just visiting granpa Hanoman just now, but then he has a felling that his other grandpa was in need, therefore he was coming by to see whether his grandpa here in this place was okay.

Antareja is actually quite charming in front of those grandpa you know. Therefore, even though they knew that he is their great grand children, when they spoke to him, they felt like they was talking with someone whose on their own age.

Strange but, it is what it is. Where do you think they will be going? Let heads back to the main topic of this post. After having a surprise from the unexpected meeting with Antasena, Krishna had ready himself right now. He well aware of Antareja extra ordinary ability in Raga Sukma whose unbound by the time realm.

He was then goes to the land of Kurusetra, a barren promised land uninhabited by both animals and plants as far as the eye can see. Unlike the sudden appearance of his brother in front of Krishna, Antareja was waiting Krishna there in the land of Kurusetra. He was calm as always expecting him. As for those two has reach into the distance where words can cross by, Krishna stops his footsteps.

Both of them stay in silence. Not a single words coming out from his mouth this time. He knew that Antareja was expecting him to come because of his ability to travel cross the time had already surpase all of his predictions and calculations long before all of those being formulated insides of his heart and mind. Antareja open up his words breaking the silent. He can read the doubt and hesistance of Krishna. Everything was bound one into another by the law of causalities.

Everything has its own reasons, everything has been bound into its own source of cause. Sadness and joy has no meaning, but it mean everything at the same moment, as the wheel of creations has been roling creating everything, even destruction and death itself is a creation. No one can stop the wheel of creation, because the end itself is a creation.

Except Him the owner of the begining and the end, the source and destination where the stream of the supreme consciousnes will be unified into. Everything has its own meaning, everything has its own reason.

Therefore, please say my goodbye to my father and mother, and thank you for making me to feel what life it is. Antareja took a step backward from where he stand before. And then he kneel down, gave his final respect toward the Sang Hyang Wenang, and kiss the ground where he stood by before.

And then in the blink of an eye, his whole body turn into dust, and gone, disappear, united again with the universe, return to its solem creator. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Pandawa — Antasena — Son of Bhima — by hndrnt Pandawa — Wisanggeni — Son of Arjuna — by hndrnt Hanoman — the White Wanara — by hndrnt Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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