Renaissance man Gerolamo Cardano was a physician, mathematician, gambler, and writer. It was actually the tenth in a series of volumes Cardano wrote for a work he called Opus Perfectum , or The Perfect Work. Here is the title page :. In fact, there are places in the book where he gave credit to the originator of a particular method e.

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The Rules of Algebra : Ars Magna. Girolamo Cardano , T. Richard Witmer , Oystein Ore. This cornerstone in the history of mathematics first appeared in as Artis magnae, sive de regulis algebraicis. A primer on "the great art" of algebra, it contains the first revelation of the principles for solving cubic and biquadratic equations, along with other innovations. Author Girolamo Cardano was famous not only for his prodigious gifts as a mathematician, but also for his skills as a physician, astrologer, and gambler.

Cardano's novel approach to the treatment of scientific problems reflects the spirit of his era, the zenith of the Italian Renaissance. Long unavailable, except in rare Latin editions, Cardano's masterpiece is newly accessible in this excellent English translation by T.

Richard Witmer. Adapted to modern mathematical syntax, it will appeal to both historians and mathematicians. Oystein Ore, a renowned mathematician and historian of science, provides an informative introduction, and the text is complemented by 26 black-and-white illustrations.


Ars Magna (The Great Art)

Girolamo Cardano , Girolamo also spelled Gerolamo , English Jerome Cardan , born September 24, , Pavia , duchy of Milan [Italy]—died September 21, , Rome , Italian physician, mathematician, and astrologer who gave the first clinical description of typhus fever and whose book Ars magna The Great Art; or, The Rules of Algebra is one of the cornerstones in the history of algebra. Educated at the universities of Pavia and Padua, Cardano received his medical degree in In he moved to Milan, where he lived in great poverty until he became a lecturer in mathematics. Admitted to the college of physicians in , he soon became rector. In he accepted a professorship in medicine in Pavia. Cardano was the most outstanding mathematician of his time. Cardano never recovered from the blow.


Mathematical Treasure: Cardano's Ars Magna

In it he gave the methods of solution of the cubic and quartic equations which he had learnt from Tartaglia. View seven larger pictures. His father was a lawyer in Milan but his expertise in mathematics was such that he was consulted by Leonardo da Vinci on questions of geometry. In addition to his law practice, Fazio lectured on geometry, both at the University of Pavia and, for a longer spell, at the Piatti foundation in Milan. When he was in his fifties, Fazio met Chiara Micheria, who was a young widow in her thirties, struggling to raise three children.

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