Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Scanner radio with trunktracking and automatic scanning capabilities pages. Page 4 Squelch SQ Mode Numeric Keypad 9.

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Page Count: Front and Rear View. Important Notice. What is Scanning? What is Searching? What is Trunk Tracking? Feature Highlights. Where to Obtain More Information. Information on the Internet. Included with Your Scanner Package. Connecting an Antenna. Mounting an Antenna. Optional Antenna. Typical Mounting Methods. Mounting the Scanner in Your Vehicle. Applying Power for Vehicle Installation. Desktop Installation. Connecting an External Speaker.

Connecting an Earphone. Listening Safely. Connecting the Clone Cable. Connecting the Tape Recorder. Basic Operation. Turn the Scanner On. Setting the Squelch. Understanding the Menu System. Menu Description and Numeric Keypad Equivalents. Storing Frequencies into Channels in Menu Mode. Deleting a Stored Frequency. Editing a Stored Frequency. Duplicate Frequency Alert. Transfer Frequencies. Storing Text Tags.

Beep Alert. Programming Tips. Scan Hold Feature. Storing Frequency During Scanning. RF Attenuation Feature. Setting the Delay Mode for Frequency. Channel Lockout. Restoring a Locked-out Channel. Restoring All Locked-out Channels. Priority Scan. Changing the Priority Channel. Prioroty Channel Plus Scan. Setting a Search Range. Starting Chain Search. Search Hold Feature. Data Skip. Frequency Skip. Storing Search Frequencies. Auto Storing. Squelch SQ Mode. Additional Menu Options for Searching.

Service Search. Service Search Skip. Testing the Alert Siren. Digital and Trunked Systems. Programming and Receiving Digital and Trunked Systems. Scan Lists. Receiving Trunked Systems. ID Scan Mode. ID Scan Hold Feature. Trunked Search. ID Monitor Mode. ID Lockout. Review ID Lockout. Restoring Locked-out IDs. Setting the Delay Mode for Trunking Mode. Setting Priority in Trunking Mode. Programming Scan Lists During Search. Deleting a Stored ID. Moving between Scan List Memories. LTR Reception.

LTR Tracking. Motorola Reception. Motorola Tracking. Fleet Map Programming. Selecting Preset Fleet Map. Programming a Fleet Map. Programming a Hybrid System. Toggling the Status Bit. Control Channel Only Mode. Remote Interface. PC Control Mode. Clone Mode. Additional Features. Care and Maintenance. Glossary of Terms. One Year Limited Warranty.

The chart below identifies the scanner band numbers, the frequency range, the modulation. Front and Rear V iew. Priority Key PRI. TrunkTracker is a proprietary trademark of Uniden America. Channel T ype Indicator. Conv entional T ype. T runk T ype. Morola T racking T ype. L TR T racking T ype.


Manual for Uniden BC785D, help on programming trunked freq's

Page Count: Front and Rear View. Important Notice. What is Scanning?


Uniden Bc785D Users Manual

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Uniden BC785D


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