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An'B 5st as the. I chant. Attain an. Ao can aster it an' there1. An' there is what sch aster. I want M. Monroe teaches these techniqes in a wee-B 1t the. The Canter1r.

None o0 the were hrt in an. Cot o0 1o'. This is -nown as the h. One wa. Another etho' is to concentrate on an o15ect. Lie 'own with. Be sre. The -e. This e? As oa-s were sacre' to the ri'sB Let not the -e.

B The e or. As the 'a. ICE 3. The hot wa? The wa? The 1est t. Ao 'o not nee' to sta. B ncertaint. B one. Then sit an' e'itate on. Ao can a-e. Thin- o0. This is. One eas. So e 'rie' rose ar. Ear a an' ethics are intertwine'. Ao choose. For an. Scratch so e wa? Me'itate on it. B etc A0ter ten intes or so o0 concentrationB e?

Each 'a. Brn the each Thrs'a. ThenB 1rn. B The! Me'itate on 'esire' otco e. ICE The 1est t. For e? Then ta-e. Re e 1er sa0et. D eter ine the 'a. At this ti eB. It is 1est to 5st se the one. See i0. Thin- a1ot how it is the! ICE On. B the 'a. I0 an. This 'oes not sen' an. So it 1onces o It,s o-a. So ote it 1eKL NowB a0ter. One white 0or the La'. Ao can 1rn so e t. Sit an' e'itate on. On the th Fri'a. I stan' srron'e' 1. L Concentrate a 0ew o ents on the car's an'. A0ter this. NB eet.

B natre. L o the chant 8 ti es. B Mone. B AothB A 1itionB! B EarthB The! Creatre o0 0ire Listen to e :ear. The ists create e?

Por in the her1 i? Brn awa. Practice sa0et. FrenGie' swa. Another o0 the sa e t. MI IN! Ae Lor's o0 Sothern Power Fier. She sa. B :ar-en to the rne I sa.. East is 0or 1rea- o0 'a. The Lor' or La'. This is not to sa. B 1t the 0act that the. She raises her atha e to the s-. An' err. Co e to s an' ta-e. B so that we. Eat an' 'rin-. B 0or. B an' a. An' an. Join s! Ta-e with.


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