ANSA, S. ECEF, S. RUGO, S. Santa Fe No. Fabricamos productos abrasivos.

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 24, Pages: Preview Full text. Pavimentos Adaptables - pag. Revestimiento rectificado. NEPAL 31,6 x 90 x 1,2cm. Dakar Caliza 31,6x90cm. P Special product. Avoid abrasive cleaning methods. Do not clean with acid solutions or alcalis.

Clean only with water and mild soap. MARMI 31,6 x 59,2 x 1,1cm. Special product. Dore 4,1x1,5 Cantonera 4,1x1,5 Cant. Vidrio 7,8 x 31,6 x 0,9cm P G19 Special product. P G50 G52 20 x 31,6 x 0,9cm. CUERO 37,7 x 37,7 x 0,9cm. Gres Porcellanato Rectificado. Color Masa. Coloured Biscuit. ROBLE 19,3 x x 1,2cm. ROBLE 18 x 65,9 x 1cm. ARCE 18 x 65,9 x 1cm. TEKA 37,3 x 65,9 x 1cm. XIAN 43,5 x 65,9 x 1cm. The features of the models with relief make it indispensable to perform more exhaustive cleaning than on materials with flat surfaces.

If the substrate already has its own structural joints or dividing joints, these should be respected when ceramic tiles are installed. It must be remembered that the maximum surface area to be covered with brick collection without dividing joints is 25m to 35m. G Aditional use of mechanical anchoring is recommended, local regulations may demand other features. Porcellanato Tiles. Gres Porcellanato. P G47 P. Piola P. Bronceto P. Boston Sand P. Fiorano Blanco P. P 31,6 x x 2,3cm.

Avignon argile P. Fontana Dorado P. Catalonia Blanco P G47 P. Colonial Caldera P. Avignon Argile Antideslizante P. Fontana Dorado Antideslizante P.

Natural Caldera Antideslizante P. Colonial Caldera Atideslizante P. Pavimento Gres Rectificado. Pavimento Gres. Slip resistance according to standard DIN Spanish Building Code. Estos ensayos se llevan a cabo generalmente, usando la norma alemana DIN Many European flooring manufacturers use tests like the ramp test to rate their products according to their slip resistance. These tests are generally conducted using the German standard, DIN With this method, a person walks backwards and forwards on an impregnated ramp-type floor used as a test bench.

The angle of the ramp is gradually increased until the person slips. The average angle at which the person slips is used to calculate the CoF coefficient of friction.

DIN uses approved safety boots according to standard EN and engine oil to impregnate the test surface. Zonas exteriores. Piscinas 1 2 3 3 Excepto cuando se trate de accesos directos a zonas de uso restringido zonas previstas para usuarios descalzos y en el fondo de los vasos, en las zonas en las que la 2 En profundidad no exceda de 1.

Entrances refer to places with direct access from the outside of the building where wetness might be brought inside. Stairs only refer to ones where wetness might be brought inside from outside the building or ones located directly after entrances with direct access from the outside. Australian method. Para ello, se ha sometido la superficie antideslizante de las baldosas ensayadas a una serie de ciclos de desgaste controlado con un elemento abrasivo del tipo 3M Scotchbrite Heavy Duty Scour Pad No.

The antislip surface of the samples tested were subjected to a number of cycles of controlled wear with an abrasive material type 3M Scotchbrite Heavy Duty Scour Pad No 86 continuously wet with water. After these tests have been carried out, the results can be viewed in the certificate printed hereafter.

As we can see in this test, the level of wear after cycles is stable with no loss of antislip features , remaining even after cycles. Based on initial case studies, the following estimates are generalised and are speculative only for moderate to high trafficable pedestrian areas. With a philosophy based on-going improvements and customer satisfaction, Porcelanosa guarantees the aesthetic and technical characteristics of its products by applying a quality-control system certified by ISO to the design, production, distribution and commercialisation of its wall and floor tiles and trims.

With a framework of increasingly strict legislative controls, Porcelanosa has demonstrated its firm commitment to the environment with the introduction of a management system certified to ISO , thus reflecting its respect and concern for the environment. Icon definiction. Fill in the void behind the stair nosing with the best-suited bonding material. Tabica o pieza inferior.

Stair riser or lower piece. Step tiles should not be unpackaged until they are ready to be installed. Keep them with the cork separator in place. Envasado con materiales de excepcional calidad e imagen, a la vanguardia de las actuales necesidades del mercado. Make the stair nosing rest against the riser or lower piece. Resiste la humedad, las heladas y los rayos ultravioleta. Tiles displaying this symbol are those which have features compaction degree, water absorption, texture, Acabados suaves que aportan seguridad al caminar.

Surface texture which minimises the risk of slippage. Collection of porcelain tiles with natural stone appearance, with a coloured body which is similar to the surface decoration. The best technical solution for covering with the most demanding areas. Name given to the finish of tiles dimensionally improved after firing. The process enhances the aesthetic quality of the setting created. A finish that reproduces shiny metal surfaces aluminium, steel, copper, silver, etc necesita rejuntado posterior it needs to be grouted Los modelos identificados con este simbolo, preferentemente mosaicos y complementos, precisan ser rejuntados en toda su superficie.

Models with this symbol mainly mosaics and complementary tile pieces need to be grouted across the whole surface. Natural, not shiny surface finish. Models marked with this symbol have a high degree of shade variation. As a result, a board with a tiled surface might be needed to reflect their true appearanceand shade variation once laid. Shiny surface finish with a high degree of light reflection. Interiores y exteriores.

Disponible en distintos colores. Itsexcellent hydrophobic properties and resistance to mildew formation make it an ideal choice for outdoor settings or areas subject to the constant action of water.

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Catalogo de Pisos Inter Ceramic

Fabricadas con Tecnologa Digital, Interceramic presenta tres nuevas series: Slate Supremo, Travertino Royal e Imperial Quartz con apariencia tan real que es difcil distinguir entre una pieza cermica y una pieza extrada directamente de la naturaleza. Interceramic se vuelca a la inspiracin natural, a la morfologa de la tierra, a sus caprichos, a sus inconsistencias, y las transforma en tecnologa, en arte, en ciencias exactas y controlables. The look is so real that it is difficult to tell apart a piece of stone taken from natural quarries and a tile from these new creations. Interceramic turns to natural inspiration, to the morphology of the earth, its caprices, its volatilities and transforms them into technology and art; into exact and controllable science. En la Coleccin In Design de Interceramic convergen los lenguajes ms sofisticados, la exclusividad, la elegancia y lo ltimo en tendencias vanguardistas globales.


Azulejos para el cuarto de baño: cerámica y porcelánico



Azulejos baño


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