Hydraulic Machinery and Cavitation pp Cite as. This paper describes the most important aspects of the effect that flow aeration has in combating the damage caused by cavitation. An explanation is also given of how to characterise these flows when the air enters the flow in a natural way, as well as giving an account of some of the artificial aeration devices that are placed on spillways when natural aeration proves to be insufficient. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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The course is intended to give the participants an understanding of cavitation on chutes and spillways. The course will be introduced with a video of a case study that illustrates some of the fundamentals of cavitation and an explanation of why cavitation causes damage. Following the video, a PowerPoint presentation will discuss the beneficial effects of aeration on preventing damage due to cavitation. The participants will be guided to an Excel program that reproduces all the Fortran programs given in EM The spreadsheet can be used to analyze chutes and spillways for their hydraulic and cavitation performance, design aerators, determine the best vertical alignment to minimize cavitation inception, and analyze the cavitation damage potential of historic data.

Henry T. Falvey has been president of Henry T. He does both national and international consulting on the hydraulics of dams and has consulted or lectured on cavitation in 12 countries. All Rights Reserved. Home Log In.

Intro to Cavitation in Chutes and Spillways: Download. You must log in to register Already registered? Log in now. Overview Speaker s Agenda Contents 1 The course is intended to give the participants an understanding of cavitation on chutes and spillways. Key Takeaways: Understanding of cavitation and how it is formed.

Understanding of the difference between cavitation and cavitation damage. Understanding of dam failure investigations and forensic reporting. Beneficial effects of aeration on preventing cavitation damage. Required surface tolerance to prevent damage with and without aeration. Availability of tools to study cavitation on chutes and spillways. Falvey Henry T. Key: Complete. Downloadable webinar. Open to view video. This is a recording from the live event that is available for download within 30 days of purchase.

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Cavitation in chutes and spillways [1990]


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