Now that time seems a world away, but here are some reflections on that exhortation: How I could give an exhortation at all while very near to quitting. Reflections on the importance of careful and accurate Biblical exposition, a puzzling Bible contradiction, a failed Psalm, Biblical propaganda, generational change in Melbourne Christadelphia, and fighting the long defeat. As a lay-preaching community it was customary for the responsibility for exhorting to be shared among the male members of the ecclesia. I typically gave one new exhortation every six months at my home ecclesia.

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Click on the "View Video" links to the left to view the exhortations on YouTube! Matthew Williams spoke about being prepared. He referenced the parable concerning the seven virgins, the parable of the wedding feast and the parable of the lost sheep in the gospel of Matthew. Our brother emphasized the importance of being prepared and also noted the kingdom would be coming quickly flash of lightening as the flood in the days of Noah.

Our bro. Ramazani spoke today about opposing God was similar to opposing our neighbor, and how we should try to avoid opposing others. We need to repent whenever we have those doubts in our hearts about our Father, because we all need Him on our side.

February 28, Adam Richard View Video. February 14, Horst Truestedt View Video. February 7, Masih Bahadorzeda View Video. Russ examined how Saul responded after he went astray with how David repented before God. We need to follow the positive example, and stay close to God in constant prayer. We were not saved without cost, that price having been borne by Jesus, the greater David. Oliver reminded us that Jesus prophesied about the events of the last days and we see most of these events taking place now false teachers, wars, love of many waxing cold, etc.

Therefore, we should not be surprised or disappointed by the problems we see in the world today. But rather, we should hold on to faith and watch for his coming and the Kingdom he will establish. Marc spoke to us today about different short stories, such as Bezalel, Jotham, Mary, and the centurion.

These people were not mentioned very much, but when they were, they were told to have great faith. When God looks back at your lives, how will He view you as? Dan discussed the book of Jeremiah, focusing on the lessons found in the first chapter. Ramazani talked about how our faith is a strong feeling of trust, or assurances of things hoped for. He described faith as "like a root in a plant" or "an engine in a car".

He read Rom ; Matt ; 2 Cor ; Eph Jesus had the ultimate faith as he prepared for his death, and warned his disciples. Ramazani spoke about how we are personally driven by God and how it is good for us to do God's will. If something is against what God has said, it is false.

Falsehood is the opposite of the truth. Mike used the following verses and ended with how we should follow Jesus, as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is the Lamb of God - "worthy is the Lamb". Trent used an interesting object lesson of a box of his memorable things. He gave thoughts and reasons why we should all turn aside and look for our own burning bush today. Chuck reminded us Jesus was a man and not a god. He was related to the son of Jesse David who was a man.

Paul in his letters to the Romans and Timothy also remind us he was a man, not deity. Jesus prayed to his almighty Father and worshipped his Father in heaven. Matt: 6 tells us he was on earth to reconcile us to our heavenly Father. Jesus stated he was not to be worshipped, but only his Father was to be worshipped who was greater than himself. Jesus is the perfect high priest the law of Moses pointed to and the perfect son and sacrifice without blemish.

He Jesus is the first born of the dead, which implies there will be many born after him into that changed state for which Paul tells us this mortal will be made incorruptible. A most beautiful outcome for the saints who sojourn in a desperate sinful world and long to meet their savior and worship their creator in the Kingdom to be established on earth. Russ led us through Judges , starting with Micah of Ephraim, and how his mother came to have silver cast into an idol which came to be worshiped.

As the story unfolded, Israel went from bad to worse. We were reminded that the human heart is deceitful, but today we have Jesus, a true King like David, but one who committed no sin. April 5, Adam Richard View Video. March 8, Trent Johnson View Video. Dan brought out lessons from the parable Jesus taught about the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom to arrive, and compared it to our lives today.

February 22, Matthew Williams View Video Sometimes it can be just as difficult to create good habits as it is to break bad habits, but Bro. Matthew suggested a few simple ways to get started. Dan explained how Babel equates to Babylon, and confusion. Marc exhorted us that we need resolutions and goals to get things done. He talked about our typical new year's resolutions such as diet, exercise, job changes and relationship changes. He then looked at Galatians for the 9 Fruits of the Spirit and Marc suggested we all embrace one of these as a goal, or resolution for Matthew discussed how many people in the Bible have felt discouraged and abandoned by God, and related this to personal circumstances in his recent life.

Ultimately, we can draw comfort from the fact that God truly is always present with us. Nathan mentioned the book of Revelation was his favorite when he was younger, stating that perhaps the reason is Revelation is a complete story — there are characters with good character development, along with a plot that leads to a resolution. Dan discussed how we can be better disciples of Christ, and better serve our brothers and sisters. Trent detailed David's encounter with the Philistine giant Goliath, and described David's attitude in this confrontation.

David knew that one who publicly defied the Living God of Israel could not live regardless of the weapons used. David's act of faith helped to make atonement for the lack of faith in Israel at this encounter. Jesus defeated His own Goliath at the cross, and Jesus commands us to take up our own cross and follow Him. Chuck reminded us that we are seeking a better country, just like Abraham was when he left his home to follow God. Mike discussed faith, and how everyone can show it - no matter what their age, status or situation.

If we focus on God, He can give us the Kingdom, too! It is important to hunger and thirst after righteousness, not just wealth and riches. Mike explains how there's no "grey area" in between right and wrong. God has laid out two ways to go - the only question left is what will you choose?

Oliver gave an encouraging reminder that God's love is what changes people's lives, and that we have the opportunity to show that same love to others in the world. Nathan spoke about Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8, a man with good intentions. With his misdirected ambition, he thought he could buy the gift of God with money.

Nathan told us that even though we are ambitious and have good intentions, we may not necessarily be where God wants us. There are dangers in trying to do your best when you are too ambitious.

NOTE: The video has several brief interruptions, but the audio is continuous. Dan started with a 16 question quiz to test our memories. He then touched on short-term and long-term memory, as well as good and bad memories. His main theme is that repetition helps us remember. Trent exhorted us that prophecy was not revealed so that we can tell the future, but so that our faith will increase in the time of trial as we approach the day of Jesus' return.

Chuck provides a thorough examination of Colossians 3, and how it applies to daily living. Ramazani with Bawili translating delivers a powerful message in Swahili and English. Are we prepared to enter the Kingdom of God? John Pople posed the questions, "Do we want to meet Jesus, is our desire strong enough and are we excited about it? He showed that the paralytic wanted his sins forgiven, not healed from his paralysis.

Even with his sins forgiven, he was not healed yet because that was not the reason he was paralyzed. Jesus healed him to show the large crowd God's power. But like the blind man in the New Testament, John , His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? John pointed out that we must change our worldly heart to be like Christ's heart. We must urgently desire to be with Jesus because it is good and right.

Bringing forth fruit is measured by our desire. Jesus' desire is to be with us. What does a man gain when his sins are forgiven? More than anything, the hope for eternal life with God and Christ. Marc used the arrival of Spring here in Chicago finally! Marc mentioned 11 people in the Bible who underwent a reboot, or fresh start: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Job, David, Hezekiah, the woman caught in adultery John , the Samaritan woman at the well John 4 and Paul, as well as some of our newest members of the Ecclesia.

Many left their homeland to go to a new place. April 20, Chuck Runge View Video Chuck provided an excellent exhortation concerning all aspects of resurrection. Chuck outlined those in covenant relationship to GOD and the promise of their resurrection.

He stated GOD can raise rebels to judgment. He discussed the second resurrection and those who will be involved. Sometimes, we choose to take on additional pain in the hopes of receiving a greater reward. Dan exhorted us on the difference between "tolerance" as practiced in the world, and tolerance in the scriptures.


Christadelphian Exhortations





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