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As installing Linux on laptops can sometimes be tricky, I wrote this page for people who want to know if Linux supports this kind of hardware and for other owners of an Aspire.

I bought this laptop in June, more than 4 years ago therefore. I kept using 32 bit Linux for a while, but now all softwares seem to be 64 bits ready and bullet proof. Of course, 32 bits distributions can still be used, but I do not see any point to keep with those as 64 versions work exactly the same and use the whole capabilities of the processor. Simply put, this laptop can be made working with Linux.

However, some glitches can prevent normal users from getting all of their hardware working. Used to be quite difficult with previous versions of the kernel, but now works reliably. Suspend to disk swsusp and suspend to memory work, however the graphic card must be reset when suspend to memory is used see below.

Sometimes, 2. After three years of use, it lasts roughly 1h15 now. Needs ACPI table fix to get status see below. Refilled in 1h 40mn while using the laptop. But I use this laptop as a desktop replacement and this is not a problem for me. You can buy another battery on the Web, I found one recently. Works perfectly in 32 and 64 bits mode. OpenOffice 64bits is not officially available, but the coming 3.

Quite quiet at and MHz, but a little noisy at MHz. The two slots are used. Upgrade requires therefore replacement of existing memory. However, you must know that, even if not advertised as such, this computer is dual channel capable! So you really should replace both memory with the same memory amount and the same model to get optimal performances. It wasn't supposed to be dual channel, but I ended with a memory throughput divided by two:.

I don't think I'll upgrade to 2GB to solve this problem, given the age of the laptop now and the increasing risk of failure now. Moreover, even with this configuration, it took me more than year to notice the performance decrease to be fair, I detected it while updating this page!

The limiting factor of laptops is definitively the hard disk drive, and having more memory always helps Please also note you'll have to reset the BIOS after upgrading, with the switch at the rear of the laptop. Rebooting the computer is not enough! NVidia driver gives you 3D acceleration, but still not 32 bpp graphic mode see below for the limitations.

Function key to commute displays generates a video bus event to the kernel. That used to crash X. Console display driver and former X drivers seem to ignore it. Therefore, this key is useless for now. Standard keyboard mapping at least for the French layout , therefore really easy to use I consider this very important, some laptops keyboards are really stupid. Other keys are usable with recent kernels. Some keys, such as sound volume, mail and browser keys are known and generates keycodes. Other must be assigned keycodes first with setkeycodes.

The scan code to use can be seen in kernel log with dmesg. All keys can afterwards be used to do specific tasks. Special GPM and synaptic drivers not tested. Standard kernel driver, works fine but scroll buttons are not available. Supported by the b43 kernel driver, however ad-hoc mode doesn't work. With Ndiswrapper, the link is not very stable so you really should use the b43 driver.

If you still want to keep the Windows driver, Acer provides 32 bits windows driver that works nice, but to get a 64 bits driver you'll have to do some magics on a compatible driver see below. Tested and works fine in a Seems there have been different hardware versions around here. However, this driver doesn't work on my laptop, and this is definitively the integrated nForce3 modem.

This driver can be used with the user mode driver slmodem from SmartLink. Not working out of the box. CardBus cards need to fix the PCI configuration manually see below. I do not have hardware for further testing. Appears as a USB mass storage device. Must use blockdev to re-read the partition table after media change.

Tested with a SD card, works fine. The four ports are quite close to each other and therefore requires extension cables do connect more than one USB key.

You really should consider using recent distributions and recent kernels later than 2. You can find my. The wireless card is a broadcom BCM The 32 bits driver is available from Acer support site. Sadly, Acer doesn't provide 64 bits compatible Wifi driver for this laptop. Some other manufacturers had used the same hardware, but I didn't managed to find any working official driver with this card the best results I got were seeing some access points, but none of my Wireless networks.

I suspected this was another revision of my hardware, and tried it. Of course, this driver didn't recognized my chip, so I tried to help it a little by editing the file bcmwl5.

As I suspected, the driver works perfectly with my chip and ndiswrapper, and I can now enjoy wireless networking with the 64 bits kernel. The 64 bits driver I used is available on the Acer support site. You can find my modified bcmwl5. Just replace the original one by my version and use "ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5. That could prevent Linux to get the battery power state, which is finally quite annoying.

The ACPI tables could be fixed and the kernel could use your custom tables, but this was difficult to do. So you will have to use vbetool to ask the BIOS to reset the graphic card. Let's see how to fix this. It is not very difficult, but if you are with a 64bits distribution, you should use the configure option "--with-x86emu" otherwise it won't find x86 register structure and build will fail:.

The solution is to fix the configuration manually for now, a fix may be added later. This can be fixed by overwriting the wrong value with the setpci command:. Indeed, I do not know if the value used by recent kernels is wrong, it may be true and everything may work nicely now, but I do not have hardware to test this further and update this section correctly. After that, all CardBus cards should appear on the PCI bus and work, if you have the right driver of course.

This command should be placed in startup scripts. I give you this fix as I found on other website, it may not work at all for you, I can't help you further in that case.

It seems the address range for the CardBus bridge must be declared in this file. On the laptop, lspci says:. It may work for other cards. If you have success, let me know so I could update this page for other users. The modem is the nForce3 integrated modem, which should be used as hw:1 with slmodemd launched with ALSA support.

Two months after reception of the laptop, I noticed my screen had a dead pixel, and, far more critical, the lid was splitting into two parts at the rear of the laptop. I considered this as a serious defect. I kept my laptop however, not willing to send it back for an unknown time. Meanwhile, somebody told me that Acer replaces the lid of the laptop under the warranty quite quickly however. Other people told me they had the same problem. One month before the end of the warranty, the second edge of the lid got the same problem.

I decided to get the lid replaced, and called Acer support. They were kind, and told me to send the laptop back for free, through their transporter. As they are located near from me, I went to their support center directly. They were kind enough to tell me I should keep the laptop while they get a new lid, since they had none at that time. They told me they would call me when they receive it. However, one month later, they hadn't called me, and I had to phone them.

They told me they had a lid and took it apart for me. I went back then, and they replaced it immediately. I could keep the laptop meanwhile and I'm happy, but if I had sent it through their transporter, I would have wait for my laptop for at least three weeks I think. Therefore, the warranty works, however I'll advise people to ask how long this will take, as they may have long delay.

Absolutely no Linux support from Acer, but this computer works really well with recent kernels.





weak_alias is broken in 3.1.1.



Technical external resources



2.6.32-rc4: Reported regressions from 2.6.31


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