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All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. GarudaMin Member Posts: March in General Certification. Would like input from those who knows about these two certifications? Are they useful?

If so, how? Should you list on your resume? March I never heard of them. So they are not known to the HR people. More info found Instructions. Just because you haven't heard of them doesn't make it useless. So I guess I should list them.

Thanks all. August Here is a newer one that goes to a page that has ,,,,, and a whole host of other ones FYI it says Https: but apparently the government tried to issue their own cert instead of getting one proper expect a security certificate error. Doyen Member Posts: September It is a great credible way to analyze the college offerings for me. Do you gain some sort of certification for these to show them off on your resume.

Goals for [] VCP 5. Just mention your are from Techexams. October Hey Doyen, If you check out each of the issuances, they each stand for a different courseware training. Unless your school actually offers a certificate for it My college offers a certificate they call CNSS Courseware Certification , it is just something saying you have been taught that. I included a brief list of the training standards in that area. You can search for more too. These standards mean that the class or course covers the topics mentioned in the listed standards IE ,, I received certificates for my mine, and you can certainly include on your resume.

I don't think they're a real big deal most of the time, but I have government employed friends who were required to have them. Sign In or Register to comment.


Committee on National Security Systems

On October 16, , President George W. The CNSS holds discussions of policy issues, sets national policy, directions, operational procedures, and guidance for the information systems operated by the U. Government, its contractors or agents that either contain classified information, involve intelligence activities, involve cryptographic activities related to national security, involve command and control of military forces, involve equipment that is an integral part of a weapon or weapons system s , or are critical to the direct fulfillment of military or intelligence missions. The Department of Defense chairs the committee. Membership consists of representatives from 21 U.


CNSS Security Certifications



Security University CNSS - Certified Training Programs


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