Smart View is the world first color video phone series which is designed to maximize video phone and CCTV functions. Acquisition of IF design award proves its design is to a world-class. Multiple versions of Smart view series are available depending on by purpose of functions. Wiring Camera to main device : 4 wires Monitor to monitor: 6 wires. COMMAX' video door phone is well known for its high performances, neat designs and economical efficiencies throughout the world as well as domestic market.

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No category. It indicates prohibition. Warning It indicates prohibition of disassembly. Death or serious injury is expected. It indicates prohibition of contact. It indicates that the plug should be pulled out from the socket.

Warning 2 Do not put the plug in the socket simultaneously. It may generate abnormal heat or cause a fire. Do not connect to other products while in use. It may cause breakdown. Do not forcibly bend the cord or put a heavy object on the product. It may cause a fire. Do not use water, thinner or a detergent used to wash oil products when you wash the exterior. Make sure to wash it by using a dry cloth to prevent any breakdown or electric shock.

Do not install the product in a humid place. It may cause an electric shock or a fire. Do not forcibly pull out the cord from the socket. If the cord is damaged, it may cause a fire or an electric shock. Do not put the plug in the socket with a wet hand. It may cause an electric shock. Do not disassemble, repair or modify the product. It may cause a fire, an electric shock or an injury due to malfunction of the product.

Do not use AC circuit breaker. Warnings and caution It indicates prohibition. Caution It indicates prohibition of disassembly. An injury or property losses are expected It indicates prohibition of contact. Caution If the socket holes are larger than normal, do not put the plug. Make sure that dust or foreign substances are not gathered on the product. Make sure to prevent foreign substances from entering the product. It may cause a breakdown. Do not put a heavy object on the product.

Do not disassemble or give an impact to the product. Avoid direct rays of the sun or heating devices at a time of installation. Install the product in a flat and stable place. Otherwise, it may not function properly.

Pull the plug if the product is not used for a long time. If the product generates strange sound, make sure to pull the plug immediately and contact Commax service center. It can add up to a maximum of 2 sub-units in each residence and is a surface mount type videophone that connects to a guard station or an external area.

Features 1. DC type Color video phone 2. When installing only 1 master unit, power is supplied from a Floor Distributor without an additional power supply.

Sub-monitors need an extra power source. Door release 8. Up to 4 residences are connectable with a single Floor distributor through a Building Distributor connected with the Multi Entry Panel. Each residence can add 2 sub-units, which comes to 3 units in total including a master unit. Multi Entry Panel Calling 1. Pick up the handset to initiate conversation.

The call conversation is ended right after the release of the door 4. When conversation is over, hang up the handset. Sub unit calling Intercommunication 1. When the sub unit responds, conversation occurs.

While talking with another extension unit and an incoming call from the Multi-EntryPanel arrives, You have 30 seconds to answer the call from the Multi-Entry panel by pressing the hook switch of CAVM once on the extension unit only one extension can have a conversation with Multi-Entry panel at a time 6. Guard station or external area calling 1.

When the guard station responds, conversation can occurs. Calling time lasts for 30 seconds. Talking duration lasts for 60 seconds. In case more than 2 units are installed, one should be set as a master, and the rest should be set as slave units. Chime Sound Chime will sound when calling an individual door bell with audio type.

Changing and initialization of the password. Wiring and System diagram 1. Wiring 2. Wiring method - Please pay attention to the polarity of the wires.

Units will not work properly when mis-wired. There is no power line connection between Master unit and Sub units 10 3. Diagram 11 Memo Related documents.


Video Interphone Commax - CAV-71B

No category. It indicates prohibition. Warning It indicates prohibition of disassembly. Death or serious injury is expected.


CAV71B Commax Video Intercom System



Commax CAV-71B Video Phone System



Commax CAV-71B Manuals


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