My very first impression of handling the camera was definitely a positive one! It actually feels bigger than it is, I was convinced it was bigger than my Fuji Klasse W , but if anything it might even be a touch smaller. I had read comments online relating to its size and weight that had put me off, but whilst it is on the large side, it is still very much a compact camera…. The positive handling experience was unfortunately soon shattered when I took the first photo and felt the lens move against my middle finger.

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The Contax T2 is a high end, titanium auto focus point and shoot camera introduced in Pros seen using this beauty include Mario Testino, Annie Liebowitz, and many more. And for good reason. My interest in the Contax T2 originated when I viewed some images from this gem. Formerly, I was not a great fan of any point and shoot cameras, even the Nikon 35Ti, but between those images and experiencing the solid titanium feel,…I was sold.

Easy to use intuitive controls just the right size and placement. The Contax T3 is even smaller. A bit too small for me. The titanium body feels solid and well built. All controls are placed well and easy to use. One of the things I hate about digital is they put the most basic controls on these stupid back mount joy sticks or buried in some menu. Another thing I love is the lens cover when you turn the camera off.

Instant lens protection. Just pop it in your pocket. As point and shoots go, it has quite a lot of control. The shutter speed is automatic and depends on the aperture you have selected. Over exposure will give you a blinking light in the viewfinder, so you can adjust the aperture. Too little light will also produce a viewfinder blinking light. Miles above most point and shoots. There are not multiple focus points.

You just use the center point, hold shutter halfway, and recompose. A normal procedure for me. A green light appears in the viewfinder when focus is locked on. But the auto focus is so fast, I rarely even pay attention to it. Cons on this camera? And some people find it a little too chunky. Not me. See Milla holding camera. But as point and shoots go, the Contax T2 is definitely the gold standard.

If you can find a sweet, minty example, buy it. By the way,…has everyone noticed the rising prices on analog equipment recently? Demand on film cameras is rising. Find Contax T2. Regardless, good article, thanks. If the shutter speed of is blinking, the photo will be overexposed. Which is not that big a deal with negative film because of latitude.

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Contax T2 Instruction Manual

While it offered full automation, including Autofocus and Program AE, the Contax T2 was one of the most readily user-controllable cameras of its era, featuring Aperture Priority AE selection on a dial on the retracting lens body, and manual focus on a thumb dial. Shutter speed and focus lock confirmation is given in the viewfinder. Builty-in only Anti-red eye preflash option Range 0. The Contax T2's closest rival was the Leica Minilux.


Contax T2 Camera 311000 User Manual


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