There is no coding required and you can simply drag and drop items onto the page. The best thing is that the software is free. This communication will be done using Omron serial host link protocol over a RS serial cable. Continue Reading! The Omron CP1H programmable logic controller has several different table data processing instructions. These instructions are used to handle table data, stacks and other ranges of data.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Programming Manual. Table of Contents. CP1L-J14D -. Page 3 Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of OMRON.

Refer to these manuals as required. Page 7 Read and Understand this Manual Please read and understand this manual before using the product. Page 8 The following are some examples of applications for which particular attention must be given. It may represent the result of OMRON's test conditions, and the users must correlate it to actual application requirements.

Page Precautions General Precautions Doing so may result in burns. After turning the power OFF, wait for the unit to cool down sufficiently before touching it. Memory cassettes can be used to store backups for CP1L programs, parameters, and data memory. This can be used as a service power supply for input devices.

Not lit Any other state. All subsequent sections are written based on the sample program used in this section. Page Organization Of This Manual Designing Systems Organization of this Manual Sections 2 through 5 of this manual explain the construction process of a CP1L system, from design to operation, using a shutter control system as an example. For details, refer to the respective sections of the manual.

The following components are to be used. Also, 6 output relays, from Screw torque is 1. Pull out the DIN track mounting pin 1. To prevent them from entering the unit, leave the protective label adhered on the top surface of the unit on until wiring is done. When wiring is complete, remove the label to ensure proper heat dissipation.

Secure the AC power supply line to the terminal block with 0. Wait 2 seconds for the CP1L to initialize. Check the indicators on CP1L. In creating the ladder program for the shutter control system, the basic functions of CX-Programmer will be explained. CX-Programmer is a programming tool software for creating the ladder programs that are to be executed by CP1L.

You cannot connect multiple CP1Ls simultaneously. Before disconnecting the USB cable, switch the application to offline status. When the computer detects CP1L, the following message will be displayed. Click [Next]. Driver installation will begin. When the installation is complete, a dialog box will be displayed, confirming that installation is complete. Click [Finish]. USB driver installation is now complete.

First, however, the functions of the ladder program will be described. Creating the program in CX-Programmer will be explained in the next section.

CX-Programmer will start. The title screen will be displayed, followed by the main window. Drag the toolbars to change their position. Page 50 Diagram Workspace Rung number Program address Rung header If a rung is incomplete, a red line will be displayed to the right of its rung header.

Instructions, as well as formats and operand functions, are also explained. CX-Programmer Help will be displayed. Note When selecting a special instruction, Instruction Help will be displayed. When creating a new project, you must set the target device type and CPU type for the program and data being created. Page 55 Inputting Programs Click [Settings].

The Device Type Settings dialog box will be displayed. Click [OK]. The Device Type Settings dialog box will be closed. The Change PLC dialog box will be closed. Main window for the new project will be displayed.

Page Inputting Contacts "4" is entered. The Edit Comment dialog box will be displayed. Press the [Enter] key. A contact representing input from the light detection sensor will be displayed on the ladder program.

Next, input an OR circuit. Page 58 Input address " W0 ". An OR circuit representing the work area contact will be displayed. Page 59 Input address " T0 ". An AND circuit representing the timer closed contact will be displayed. The New Coil dialog box will be displayed. Input address " W0 ". Page 61 Inputting Programs Press the down arrow key 2 times.

When the cursor is positioned on the next rung, the current rung input is complete. Next, input a timer instruction. Note Duplicated Coils Do not duplicate coils. If the same address is specified for multiple outputs, only the rung closer to the END instruction will be valid. Input contact " W ". Then, press the [Enter] key while the Edit Comment dialog box is up.

For details on inputting a contact, refer to Inputting Contacts. Page 63 A timer instruction will be displayed on the ladder program.

Press the down arrow key 3 times. When the cursor is positioned on the next rung, timer instruction input is complete. Next, input a counter instruction. Input contact " ". A counter instruction will be displayed on the ladder program.

Next, input a reset input for the counter instruction. The timer contact TIM will be used as the reset input. Page 66 Inputting Programs Input contact " T ". Press the down arrow key 2 times. When the cursor is positioned on the next rung, counter instruction input is complete. Next, input an auxiliary area. Page Inputting Auxiliary Areas Auxiliary area is a relay with a specific purpose.

Page 68 Press the left arrow key. Press the [W] key. The New Contact OR dialog box will be displayed. Input address " A ". A first cycle flag will be displayed on the ladder program.

A contact representing input from the car detection sensor will be displayed as an OR circuit. When a new program is created in CX-Programmer, a section inclusive of an END instruction will be inserted automatically. Hence, there is no need to input an END instruction manually. This section explains how to check, save, and load ladder programs.

Programs are saved in groups for each project. Select [File] - [Save As] from the main menu. Specify the save location, and input a file name. Click [Save].


Omron CP1L CPU Getting Started Manual



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