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Lots of thoughts that are a bit scattered, but I try to keep them coherent at least. Everyone is quick to point fingers, but the fact is, traditional publishing has been on a decline for years because they cling to an old model that is no longer working in the changing landscape.

People who champion this say coddling the big authors funds the little authors. But I questioned this in two ways. The mid-list is shrinking. Who exactly are they funding? And more importantly, if new authors are not being sought out, their careers nurtured, who will replace these top authors? One of the most frustrating things about traditional publishing is the lack of risk-taking. Yes, they are the gatekeepers of quality, but while they are busy keeping quality inside their walls, they are also keeping quality out, too.

Only so many books are published every year—and those numbers include already established authors. No one ever said if you want to be rich write a book. Traditional publishing asks a lot of writers who want to be published: Query an agent. This could take months, if not years. Wait for your agent to sell your book. If she can. There are not many editors to go around. Then you might have to go through more edits with that editor.

Wait a year for publication. Make a fraction of book sales because your agent and publishing house take a percentage off the top. Hope your first book sells so maybe your agent and editor will take a look at another book. To be honest, the more I learn about traditional publishing, the less it appeals to me.

And to other writers. To be clear, publishing with an Amazon imprint is still considered being traditionally published. Which does make me a bit confused. If agents are so vocal about Amazon ruining traditional publishing, how will an author find an agent willing to submit their manuscript?

And that brings us back to what traditional publishing thinks we should do. We turn to Amazon as self-publishing authors. Living wage money. In traditional publishing, where does the money go? To the CEOs of the huge corporations that own the publishing houses, and to the big authors who earned the gigantic advances. There is no mid-list in publishing anymore. Mostly because Amazon is accused of not caring about books. I can say the same about the traditional publishing industry, too.

Your career, too. There are no second chances, no molding of careers. I love my books. I love selling them, too. A chance. A lot of authors take that chance and turn it into a four, five, or six figure career. And Amazon is the bad guy?

People buy cheap crap, because stores sell it, all the time. Questionable ethics abound. Starbucks employees are racist. Every year they keep more out. Barnes and Noble is still in shambles, though it would be great if the new owners could give Amazon a run for their money.

Everyone can complain about Amazon, but no one is stepping up to compete. Amazon may not love books, but they are forward-thinking and are willing to pay authors for their work. What do you have to say, traditional publishing industry? All this paper is good for something. I write Contemporary Romance. YA fantasy, middle grade, and picture books do better when you can take the time to query. Always research the best way to publish your books. Amazon is accused of not caring about books, and training readers to want free things.

Traditional publishing is accused of not moving forward and staying in the past. For more reading look here:.

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