User Name Remember Me? This is basically my home LAN setup. I have a gateway running PF. I read that the only program that should run on a Packet Filtering machine is Packet-Filter. Should I use an additional machine and insert it between the Packet-Filter gateway and the internal LAN and install these programs on that machine? Is this about right?

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Dansguardian is true content filtering proxy that can be used either standalone or integrated with other antivirus and proxy solutions. With today's growing Internet threats, many enterprises faced the challenges of preventing their networks from viruses and worms infection.

This setup is extremely useful for deployment within a network with multiple users connecting to the Internet and of high risk of virus threats. The method introduced by utilizing all the Open Source Tools are highly effective in controlling and enforcing security of your network. It is hard to find any comprehensive documentations on setting up dansguardian on FreeBSD platform thus it should be ideal for me to create one.

I've chosen FreeBSD as Operating System of my choice since it is one of most robust platforms and more importantly I am familiar with it. All the applications that I needed for this setup are available. Please do note that I have different kind of fonts for different context to ease the readers. WLIPP" -. I will try to explain the setup in details.

I will cover kernel recompiling and performance tweaking of the FreeBSD system as it directly relates to performance of this deployment. The demonstration box is i Intel Hardware. It may be vary if you are installing on other hardware platform such as amd64 and so forth. Important : Your kernel tuning limits may vary depending on resources your system has.

Please refer to tuning 7 for guidance. The below tweaking is to enable the firewalling and traffic shaping in kernel. Compiling the new kernel,. After we have done the Operating System tuning, it's time to play with the applications. Installing Dansguardian Development Version. Installing Clamav stable version.

Installing Squid stable version. Adding this to rc. Change the startup script of dansguardian and squid so that the startup sequence is right -. Then we can run squid -z to create the cache before restarting our system. We can also create memory disk to host the ipc files -. IPC filename. Defines IPC server directory and filename used to communicate with the log process.

IP list IPC filename. IP cache process. You will have to allow After the system is rebooted, you can just configure your Internet browser to point to the. Transparency Proxy Setup. Why transparent proxy, that will be easy way and require zero configuration on desktop user side. Assuming your box with the IP of If you want this kind of setup to handle big networks especially in enterprise environment, I suggest you have another router that doing traffic forwarding from port 80 to port of this box instead.

The current setup is illustrated as. Written by geek00L. Improved by chflags Credit to this awesome guy. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Dgn Clam Squid. Uploaded by gheatza. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded May 30, Did you find this document useful?

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