The Symbol DS is nearing end of life. It will soon be replaced by the Zebra DS Find it faster! Click here to compare DS models by feature. Sign up for exclusive POSGuys promos. Part of Zebra Barcode Scanners.

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This article has official manuals at the bottom for the DS scan gun. You will need to click on "View original Article" at the bottom to go to the customer support website to download the manuals. Batteries do wear down over time. Please sign in to leave a comment.

When the laptop is shut or goes to sleep the charging typically stops until the computer wakes up. The cradle glows green when it is charging the scan gun. The suggested fix is to do one of the following: Buy a wall charger for the cradle. Plug the cradle usb cable into a different computer that will stay away. This is usually the device being too slow, auto text features turned on on the device, the browser responding slowly, or a combination of the above. In general we have found iOS to be slower than Android.

Even at that rate we do not recommend using Safari on iOS but this is the fastest this browser can handle. If you still have issues you'll need to throttle down to 20mSec. On any device please make sure auto-correct or predictive text options are turned off. These are options where the device "thinks" it knows what you will type and fills in the rest of the information.

We have seen issues where this feature incorrectly guesses the rest of the text string. Your device manual will show you how to turn off predictive text or auto-correct text. If you believe your device itself is the cause of the problem, we have found the Kindle Fire 7" device the model or later to be an incredibly cheap solution. This device actually works better with KegMetrics than most higher priced iPads. Be sure to look for the setup article if you do purchase this product for use with KegMetrics.

A: The DS Supports a "Stock Mode" which when turned on will store the scanned information in the memory of the scan gun itself and NOT attempt to transmit that data until you tell it to. It should be able to hold roughly scans in it's memory.

This is ideal for if your cooler blocks you WIFI signal for example. The downside is once you transmit the scans to your device, the information is gone form your scan gun. If there is an error during the transmit you'll need to rescan the keg again. Additionally, since the gun does not know the actual status you intend to scan a keg into, you can only scan kegs in this mode that are in the same status then you must transmit the data before you scan more kegs.

We are working on an article to show you how to put your DS into Stock Mode. This is considered an advanced feature for KegMetrics and the scan gun. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how to do this. Powered by Zendesk.


DS6878 FAQ

Postnet and Planet, U. It features a working range from 0" to Also, the DSDL is drop resistant to 6' on concrete, ensuring the product will last. This imager is capable of scanning codes on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as computer screens.

QJ71E71 100 PDF

DS6878-SR Cordless Bluetooth Imager Support



Zebra DS6878-SR instruction manual and user guide


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