Duncton Wood is the moving love story of Bracken and Rebecca and the trials they must face and overcome to be as one. It is unfortunate that this work must be compared to Watership Down but that is the only book with which I can really compare it to in terms of story-line and excellence. This book is about moles and unlike anything you have ever read before. The animal kingdom is savage and survival of the fittest is a fact of life or death.

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William Horwood is an English author of fiction. This novelist first became an author officially in print with the release of his debut fiction novel in , which is titled Duncton Wood. It is about a community of little creatures, and the allegorical story about these moles had several followup stories that came along after that included the second trilogy. He would spend his childhood growing up on the coast of East Kent , mainly in Deal.

As a result of this fractured childhood he spent from age 6 to age 10 growing up in the care of the foster system. For one year he went to school in Germany before moving on to the Grammar School when he was just 11 years old. When he was 18 years old, he went to Bristol University where he studied geography.

He had a few jobs after that including raising funds and teaching. He would later retire so that he could go after writing novels for the primary income and the basis of his career. He was 34 years old and made this decision in He has also written two novels on a stand alone basis that combine the lives of eagles and humans. He wrote a fictional novel in titled Skallagrigg that was adapted into a film by the BBC in It is a story about trust, love, disability, and more.

He wrote a memoir that has a fictionalized element to it that was released in August of The memoir from Wililam goes over themes of his own Kent childhood and some of the challenges found therein.

He also had the pleasure of working with Helen Rappaport in the year on a historical thriller and mystery project. It was set in the city of Chicago in the 19th century and was republished once more the next year with revisions, released under James Conan as a pseudonym.

Rappaport is a historian. He released his first Hyddenworld quartet novel back in The novels in this interesting series are all based on a theme and a season. The first story is focused on spring and so on and so forth. William Horwood is the writer of the Duncton Chronicles.

The fictional line of novels first became available for readers to enjoy in The engaging debut story from Horwood is titled Duncton Wood. Check it out by picking up a copy for yourself or just read on and find out what goes on in this story of a quest that investigates the power of love as well as greed. Readers come into the worlds of Rebecca and Bracken, a magical and wonderful place that is full of color. The reader will go on a quest that takes them along into an exploration into grace and what the spirit truly is capable of in this creative epic.

This story is set in the countryside of England and will take you on a wild ride of enchantment. Follow this story into a world both mysterious and dark where the moles live. There is always a war that is going on between evil and good, and only the light or the dark can win. Such is the nature of this story and the animals that live in Duncton Wood are definitely involved.

As they deal with all sorts of contenders around them they do what they can to try and survive. They may have their differences but they try to do what they can to try and make it through by relying on the mole system. It used to be famous and now they all have to deal with the powerful Mandrake. He is a mole that has the destructive nature that they all fear. But there is also another evil that they have to deal with in the form of their leader and disinterest that is growing in the various rides as well as their traditions.

Rebecca and Bracken meet and then they start to form a plan that will change everything. The future of the system may depend on them. Can they do what it takes to save everyone and try to change the course of history? Read this book to find out and discover the myth for yourself. Tryfan is the son of the pair of Rebecca and Bracken. Now he has come back to the burrows. But something is wrong and there he finds only destruction. Now he is going to have to do what he can to take on wild warriors and save the day.

Can he do it or will the protection he wants just fail? Read this book to the end to find out! One of the most popular authors on our site is Daniel Silva and his latest book in the Gabriel Allon series comes out soon. Silva consistently brings the goods. Allon is looking to have a much needed vacation however the Pope dies — under suspicion of murder — and Allon has to investigate.

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If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. You may have heard the name Blake Crouch before as he wrote the Wayward Pines series. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series.

He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion. More Details. View Results. William Horwood Books In Order. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations.

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The Cherringham series is a delightful cozy mystery series co-authored by Neil Richards and Matthew Costello. I always like books or book series that are co-authored as I feel you get fresh ideas etc as the authors are able to bounce every idea off each other.

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Duncton Wood by William Horwood

Added by 8 of our members. Duncton Wood is the story of a quest into the nature of love and greed, oppression and freedom, courage and corruption - of a quest, finally, into the nature of grace and the power of the spirit. In this moving epic fantasy Horwood bestows a mythology upon the dark and mysterious world of moles and at the same time gives it a vivid life that takes us beyond the realities of nature itself to the eternal struggle between Good and Evil. The moles of Duncton Wood are a varied lot.


The Duncton Chronicles

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Duncton Chronicles Series

Duncton Wood is the first novel of author William Horwood. It is the first of a six volume fantasy series of the same name. Duncton Wood and its sequel have as its protagonists anthropomorphic moles living in Moledom, a community in Great Britain. Moledom has its own social organization, history and written language. The moles do not otherwise make use of technology or clothing. The other focus of the Duncton series is the Stone, a religion based on the standing stones and stone circles of Britain. The novels are mainly set in and around megalith sites such as Avebury and Rollright.


Duncton Wood


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