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All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Mark Forums Read. Power Systems Talk about motors, ESC speed controllers, gear drives, propellers, power system simulators and all power system related topics. Emax conflicting specs. Thread Tools. I have been using a couple of these motors for some time now , but I could never find a final answer on what the real specs for it is.

I got the following on 3S 9x4. Can anybody share their experience with these motors? I am beginning to think that they stopped producing these and just dumped the remaining ones in South Africa. View Public Profile. Visit BEX's homepage! Ben D wing. I have used other Emax motors, but not this particular one. Here is a link that may be interesting Find More Posts by Ben D wing. Dr Kiwi. Originally Posted by BEX.

Find More Posts by Dr Kiwi. Originally Posted by Ben D wing. If its infact the kv one, then It works well on a 8x4e, and pulls about 15amps IF there was a kv one, it prob would work fine on 10" prop with 3cell, but I haven't seen one on hobbycity, so I haven't bought one and wouldn't know I guess CA'ing the grub screws in when they're new might help, but you'd still need to be carefull not to ruing the bearings Visit ministeve's homepage! Find More Posts by ministeve Thanks SK. I have burnt out one of these on an small aerobatic when the mount came loose and the motor twisted till some windings shorted out.

I used it on a 42" 6mm depron 3d foamy juka and it did well, but We for the most part, have skipped that motor and went to this one That motor looks good. You understand the specs are related to the of winds? You can have exactly the same looking motor but depending on how it is wound and terminated will dictate it's KV and power output.

Do they list the winds or KV on the specific motor? If not the only way you have of finding out is a tach and some bench work. Then you have the 'cheap motor' influence. Most of the specs are mostly fantasy. Really, you are on your own. Most web sales sites don't test them - they just parrot the same garbage everyone else has. If it gets too hot you need to down prop.

You can always do a search for a Dr. Kiwi test or someone else. I do now before I buy almost anything. Find More Posts by flydiver. Originally Posted by ministeve FWIW you are saying you prop it for A? You are not in the best efficiency range. More throttle is giving more thrust but increasingly getting more heat. Just for interest let me post the data tables I have on the various E-max motors I tested. The used to be known as the The which I haven't tested is the slightly larger version of it.

Confusion arises because the is a monster compared with and ! Attached Thumbnails. At a static reading of Data from this prop size and battery configuration seem to be missing off the last chart.

Well, they are missing from the chart because my motor could not cope with 3s and a 7x6 APC SF - I had to stop at around 9. I am not into it yet but i'll save there motors as they go for that as they seem easy to rewind. Hi I use these Motors, in my cheapy profile foamies, they work ok, but dont expect to much from them, and prop down from the specs given, they dont have a lot of power, thats for sure, but they are still fun to play with use a wattmeter, or the 20 sec test, put a prop on the motor, run it at WOT for 20 sec, and if it gets hot, prop down, untill it does not get hot after 20 secs, crude but effective hope that helps, Chellie.

Originally Posted by Dr Kiwi. I think these motors don't have the best quality control in the world and there may be differences in the windings so performance will vary from motor to motor. I suppose that your testing is a bit harsh on the motor as there is less cooling on the bench and I guess you use WOT for longer times than I do in flight , but I think Chellie's idea is a pretty good one for getting the right prop size.

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Emax 2822 conflicting specs


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