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Precisa de ajuda? Resultados: Costa Rica. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. Journal of applied research and technology. Biological Research. Genetics and Molecular Biology. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society. Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia.

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society. Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia. Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology.

Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Medicina, geral e interna. Medicina, de pesquisa e experimental. Engenharia, multidisciplinar. Agricultura, multidisciplinar. Biotecnologia e microbiologia aplicada. Science Citation Index Expanded. Social Sciences Citation Index. Relato de caso. Relato breve. This study aimed to investigate the predictive factors for uveitis recurrence UR risk in Behcet's disease BD patients.

In total, there were 70 UR patients and 94 non-UR patients. Compared to non-UR patients, UR patients appeared to be older and presented with increased uveitis occurrence rate and times within 3 months, oral ulcers occurrence rate, as well as higher concentrations of triglycerides TG , total cholesterol TC , low-density lipoprotein LDL , and serum amyloid A SAA.

Furthermore, receiver operating characteristic curve analysis showed that the combination of uveitis occurrence times within 3 months, oral ulcers, TG, LDL, and SAA exhibited a high predictive value for UR risk with an area under the curve of 0. Cataract, an eye disease that threatens the health of millions of people, brings about severe economic burden for patients and society. However, the exact functions of miRa-5p and miR in cataract are still unclear.

The expression of miRa-5p, miR, and E2F transcription factor 3 E2F3 in tissues and cells was measured by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. The 3- 4,5-dimethylthiazolyl -2,5-diphenylH-tetrazolium bromide assay was used to evaluate cell viability. Flow cytometry was conducted to analyze cell apoptosis.

The interaction between E2F3 and miRa-5p or miR was confirmed by dual-luciferase reporter assay. The expression of proteins E2F3, B cell lymphoma Bcl-2 , Bcl-2 associated X Bax , and cleaved caspase 3 was detected by western blot assay. The expression of miRa-5p and miR was up-regulated whereas E2F3 was down-regulated in human cataract lens tissues compared with normal lens tissues.

Depletion of miRa-5p or miR enhanced proliferation and reduced apoptosis of human lens epithelial cells. Interestingly, up-regulation of E2F3 exhibited the same trend.

Next, dual-luciferase reporter assay validated the interaction between E2F3 and miRa-5p or miR The rescue experiments further revealed that E2F3 knockdown could recover miRa-5p, and miR inhibitor induced promotion of cell proliferation and inhibition of apoptosis in cataract. Abstract Objective To investigate the effects of intro-oral injection of parathyroid hormone PTH on tooth extraction wound healing in hyperglycemic rats.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus DM was induced by streptozotocin. A thermosensitive controlled-release hydrogel was synthesized for continuous-PTH administration. The serum chemistry was determined to evaluate the systemic condition. All animals were sacrificed after 14 days. Micro-computed tomography Micro-CT and histological analyses were used to evaluate the healing of extraction sockets. Micro-CT analysis showed that the DM group had a significantly lower alveolar bone trabecular number Tb.

N and higher trabecular separation Tb. Conclusions Bone formation in the extraction socket of the type 1 diabetic rats was reduced. PTH did not improve the healing of hard and soft tissues. The different PTH administration regimes continuous vs. These results demonstrated that the metabolic characteristics of the hyperglycemic rats produced a condition that was unable to respond to PTH treatment.

The grain yield, growth period, panicle number m-2, productive tiller percentage, plant height, panicle length, grain number per panicle, filled grain number per panicle, filled grain percentage, and grain weight were evaluated. Grain yield showed an increasing trend during and the yield gaps among different years were attributed to differences in plant height, filled grain percentage and grain weight.

The differences in grain yield among sites were mostly due to the combination effect of the agronomic traits which was greatly affected by the different climate conditions. The grain yield was significantly and positively correlated with the plant height, grain number m-2, filled grain number per panicle, filled grain percentage and grain weight.

Moreover, principal components analysis PCA suggested that grain number per panicle and filled grain number per panicle are critical parameters attributed to grain productivity. Therefore, flowering and post-flowering stage is the most critical in this regard to improve the grain number and filled grain number per panicle to get better yields in the agro-climatic conditions of southern China.

MR hydrography and spiral CT examinations for the intracranial auditory canal were performed before surgery, and all imaging results were statistically analyzed in order to explore the application value of MR hydrography of the inner ear in cochlear implantation.

Among these patients, 13 were diagnosed with abnormal vestibular aqueducts 20 ears by MR hydrography, while five were diagnosed with this disease by CT; 15 patients were diagnosed with inner ear malformation 19 ears by MR hydrography, while 11 were diagnosed by CT four were misdiagnosed ; five patients were diagnosed with internal acoustic canal stenosis eight ears by MR hydrography, while two were diagnosed by CT three were misdiagnosed ; and four patients were diagnosed with cochlear fibrosis five ears by MR hydrography, while four were diagnosed by CT four ears.

The correct rate of diagnosis was This has a guiding significance for the selection of treatment schemes. Abstract Background: Reports regarding the causative drugs of drug-induced cutaneous adverse reactions in China are indistinct, such that different regions have reported the spectrum of drugs differs substantially in different clinical conditions.

Objective: To explore the causative drugs that led to cutaneous reactions. Methods: Adverse drug reaction reports from central China were collected and divided into cutaneous adverse reactions and severe cutaneous adverse reactions groups. Cases were reviewed retrospectively for causative drugs. Results: The male:female ratio was equal in both cutaneous adverse reactions and severe cutaneous adverse reactions.

Study limitations: The small sample size, retrospective design, collection of cutaneous adverse reactions and severe cutaneous adverse reactions at different time frames and locations, and exclusion of patients taking more than five medications are limitations of the study.

Conclusions: Gender does not affect cutaneous adverse reactions and severe cutaneous adverse reactions. The top three drugs to induce cutaneous adverse reactions are antibiotics, Chinese medicine, and allopurinol, while those that triggered severe cutaneous adverse reactions are sedative-hypnotics and antiepileptics, antibiotics, and allopurinol. Carbamazepine is the most frequent single drug that induces severe cutaneous adverse reactions.

To simultaneously quantify these two types of compound, HPLC method was studied. To distinguish and group the growing regions of different maca samples, Hierarchical cluster analysis, a chemometric method, was applied to analyze the HPLC data.

Our HPLC method was successfully used for the separation and determination of macamides and macaenes in Maca within 45 min, i. The HPLC method was applied to analyze and quantify the seven compounds in thirty maca samples with different colors and origins.

The origins of all the maca samples were distinguished and grouped using hierarchical cluster analysis of the HPLC data.

Accordingly, the metabolism of macaenes and macamides in maca post-harvest processing has also been proposed. The HPLC method is efficient to simultaneously quantify the macamides and macaenes in maca. Analyzing the HPLC data using hierarchical cluster analysis can distinguish maca growing origins.

Abstract Introduction: diet plays a decisive role in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, allergies and inflammatory diseases. In addition to this, there are numerous investigations about the role of the microbiota in the genesis of metabolic diseases, especially obesity and its comorbidities. Objective: the aim of this review is to discuss the influence of high-fat diets on dysbiosis and metabolic endotoxemia. Results and conclusion: the intestinal microbial ecosystem has been shown to be essential in the performance of functions in the host organism, however, several factors can lead to an imbalance in the homeostasis of the microbiota, known as dysbiosis.

High-fat diets are associated with a reduction in intestinal bacterial diversity, changes in membrane integrity, inducing increased permeability and increased lipopolysaccharide LPS translocation, changes in the immune system, and generation of low-intensity systemic inflammation. The installed endotoxemia can be considered as a causal factor of subclinical inflammation related to several chronic diseases, and as a result of this, it is essential to know the real impact of hyperlipidic diets on the intestinal microbiota.

Thus, it becomes essential to identify dietary strategies that can minimize the inflammatory effects generated from changes in the intestinal microbiota. Abstract Bone morphogenetic protein-4 BMP4 is a member of the bone morphogenetic protein family which plays an important role in bone formation, inflammation and cardiac hypertrophy.

The aim of this study was to investigate the underlying molecular mechanism that BMP4-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. H9c2 cells were used to measure cell surface area and protein synthesis. The results exhibited that cell surface area, protein synthesis and BNP protein expression were increased with BMP4 treatment. Abstract The pericarp of Trapa natans L. In this study, extracts of Trapa natans pericarp were tested both in vitro and in vivo through a high-fat diet with a single medium dosage streptozotocin injection induced type 2 diabetic mice.

Results support the notion that Trapa natans pericarp extract has a potential hypoglycemic activity. Lin, Ching-Yu. The poetry characterized by elements of antithesis and negativity presents a self-criticism based on oppositions and a poetic word against itself. Moreover, it is an anti-biography in which an ensemble of places in the memory becomes imaginary and textual no-places.

It is not the past which builds the self-writing and memory. Rather, it is the poetic duration, which implies the saying-now, that impulses the poet to create and progress along with the past.


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