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Science of Being: 27 Lessons. By Eugene Fersen. Lessons Page 1. Health is Energy, It is your capital. The more you have of it, the bette r off you are. Success is the intelligent use to which you put your capital of Energy Health.

The Source of all Health, physical, mental and spiritual, is the limitless Life Energy of the Universe, from which all life in Nature springs. Every human being is equipped by Nature with the physical means to contact and use that Life Force. The more you contact It, the stronger and healthier you become , thus adding constantly to that in- itial capital of Energy of yours with which you have to make a Success in your life.

Few have done so, because few have known that it could be done , and those few have kept the secret for themselves. It teaches you to attune your-. Happiness is the satisfaction. Copyright Eugene Fersen. Page 2. Thus it completely re-organizes your human existence from the bottom upwards, giving you first a sound physi- cal body through which to express your activities, then a healthy and vigorous mind to govern and direct them most advantageously and finally a ready access to the priceless and unlimited soul treasures stored within you as within every individual born to this world.

You are started into a correlative growth and expansion on these three planes of your Being which results in corresponding material and intellectual rewards, not because those rewards are given to you from the outside, but because you have developed in yourself the strength of character and the ability to take them. The majority of people today fumble blindly toward an end only vaguely seen, blundering awkwardly athwart the very Universal Laws and Powers that, properly han- dled, should be their greatest help.

When they are flung back bruised and discomfited, the prey of ills physical, mental and spiritual, they sullenly place the blame on God, Fate, the local politician or anywhere except where it actually belongs—on their own ignorance. Page 3. It opens your eyes to the intangible elements with which you have to deal and delivers into your hands the conscious control of your own Destiny.

You will know how to restore your bodily health when you are ill and how to increase your vitality and energy when you are well. You will develop your mental faculties to the highest degree. You will sta- bilize your emotional side, replacing fear by Confidence, nervousness by Poise and worry by Peace and Harmony.

Achievement is a prize locked securely inside that cur- ious and delicate assortment of complex parts which is YOU. All those parts need in order to pour forth into realization their measureless treasures of latent possibili- ties is the proper correlation one to another and to the Power which drives them.

That is the end which it is the purpose of this Course to accomplish, so that you may be able, through the development of your own inherent qualities and forces, to experience to the full in this earthly existence the ultimate of all human desires—Health, Suc- cess and Happiness. Cordially yours. PAR T. ONE of the dominant traits of modern Humanity is the desire for "Independence.

And yet what is real "Independence" after all? Is it based on social position or on great intelligence, on physical strength or on money? Adverse conditions can make rich people lose their fortunes. Diseases can destroy physical strength. The most brilliant intellect may be misunder- stood by people and therefore fail to bring forth the ex- pected practical results. And social position itself is of all human powers the most unreliable and unstable.

Under these conditions something else has to be sought—. It is only such a Power that can bring real Independence. What is this Power and where is it to be found?

It is within you, it is outside of you. It is the Power of Life itself. Within you there seems to be only a limited supply of it, and when that supply is exhausted you are like an engine short of fuel.

From where have you to get the fuel your human engine needs? Science of Being. Page 5. There is an infinite Supply of Power around you. It is that. When this Power is within you, you call It life. Because of It everything In Nature lives. It is in the cur- rents of the earth, in the waves of the ocean, in the strength of the wind, in the heat of the sun, in the soft rays of the moon.

Electricity exists because that Power is back of it. Withdraw that Force from anything and that thing would cease to be, would die. Even the Universe would collapse were that Power withdrawn from it. Not only do Sound, Light, Electricity, Radio-activity, etc. Page 6. It, but also all so-called material elements and objects are found in their final analysis to have originated from Uni- versal Life Energy.

They are known by different names in accordance with the different aspects under which they appear, although they all come from the same Source. For instance, take steam.

Super-heated steam is in- visible. It possesses great dynamic power when under con- trol. When liberated, it has the tendency to diffuse itself. Someone who does not know through Science the dif- ferent transformations which can take place with steam would never think that in another aspect this hot, light, ever-moving gas appears as a block of solid ice, cold, heavy, motionless. So it is with that which we call Matter. Previous to the time that Science was able to show the direct relation between the invisible forces and the so-called material ele- ments, this world was considered the battlefield where Matter and so-called Spirit were fighting their unceasing Battle.

The general tendency was to side with Matter, be- cause those who saw Creation only as a material unit to- tally ignored the Invisible Forces back of the so-called manifestations. On the other hand, another part of Humanity tried to reach spiritual attainment, harmony and happiness by.

Page 7. Science of Being explains the difference between those two concepts and shows impartially and impersonally the conditions as they actually are, not as they were believed to be. Under the light of this Science is revealed the Unity of Creation with its two poles, one of which is Spirit, rep- resented by Universal Life Energy, and the other the so- called Matter.

Science of Being explains to you that Universal Energy, when in a free condition, is called Life Energy and mani- fests Itself through motion and vibration. Everything in this Universe vibrates, moves, even things which at first sight seem to be entirely motionless. In Its primary condition of condensation Universal Life Energy forms microscopical spheres called Electrons. Electrons are considered the very Substance of the Uni- verse, and as far as modern researches in that direction have been able to discover, Electrons underlie everything, everywhere, on the furthest star the same as here on earth.

Combinations of Electrons, differing one from another by their number and mutual relations and revolving in a certain space filled with Free Energy are called atoms. Atoms, in turn, are the fundamental units which consti- tute Matter in its three aspects, solid, liquid and gaseous. Page 8. Science of. The more electrons, or condensed Energy, present in the atoms of a material element, the heavier, denser and more substantial that element becomes.

Those tiny electrons are in perpetual motion, rotating with an extraordinary velocity upon their own axes and revolving around a central electronic nucleus which acts as a little sun in its own microscopical planetary system. As all elements are made of atoms, therefore within even solid matter there is a continual movement of those electrons.

Everything, everywhere, moves in this Universe of eternal movement. Your human body is formed, like all other bodies, of atoms and electrons.

Therefore within your own physical body everything is in a perpetual motion governed by cer- tain invisible yet definite Universal Laws. As long as your body functions according to those Laws, its condition will be a harmonious one, because the Laws themselves work always with perfect harmony.

But if, through ignorance, you interfere with the normal functioning of those Laws, inharmony will be the result. That inharmony may express itself through body, or through mind. In the first instance it is called disease, in the second negative traits of character; but both trace their origin to a common cause, namely, conscious or un- conscious violation of the Universal Law.

If this cause is. Page 9. You may ask the question: How shall I know all the dif- ferent and very complex operations of the Universal Laws? If left alone, details will work out harmoniously by themselves. Another question may be asked by you: What am I as an individual, and for what purpose am I placed on earth, ushered into existence seemingly without my knowledge or consent? First let us have a clear definition of what you are. This Force is a living Power, being the very life of the whole Universe.

It is also intelligent, because it is Universal Mind. Law emitting and law abiding is this Power, and as such it is called Universal Law. Harmonious is this Force also, and through its Law of Attraction or Love it keeps the whole Universe in a condition of perfect equilibrium and harmony.

Projections of this Universal Life Energy are continu-.


Science Of Being 27 Lessons Eugene Fersen

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Science Of Being ( Gold ) Eugene Fersen


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