Analysis of upper and lower extremity peripheral nerve injuries in a population of patients with multiple injuries. J Trauma. Peripheral nerve regeneration through the nerve tubulization technique. Braz J Morphol Sci. Artificial nerve tubes and their application for repair of peripheral nerve injury: an update of current concepts.

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Marcadores Biológicos da Depressão:

Rev Bras Ortop. Many surgical techniques can be used for nerve repair. Among these, the tubulization technique can be highlighted: this allows regenerative factors to be introduced into the chamber. Cell therapy and tissue engineering have arisen as an alternative for stimulating and aiding peripheral nerve regeneration. Therefore, the aim of this review was to provide a survey and analysis on the results from experimental and clinical studies that used cell therapy and tissue engineering as tools for optimizing the regeneration process. Articles on the use of stem cells, Schwann cells, growth factors, collagen, laminin and platelet-rich plasma for peripheral nerve repair were summarized over the course Rev Bras Ortop. Based on these studies, it could be concluded that the use of stem cells derived from different sources presents promising results relating to nerve regeneration, because these cells have a capacity for neuronal differentiation, thus demonstrating effective functional results.

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