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Shimano, your guarantee of quality Innovation, quality, and value, these are some of the things associated with Shimano fishing tackle that is well known throughout the world.

We not only took a reel considered by many to be the best in the world, but made it even better by introducing a wide range of upgrades. One of our features developed for the very best Shimano reels in the world, X-Ship, also now appears at the heart of many mid-priced reels. On top of that, our rod range that is specially designed for South East Asia continues to grow and gain an enviable reputation as well. More than 10 different models have been launched this season, ranging from Freshwater lure casting rods to saltwater jigging rods.

We now also use Fuji K Guides on many mid-priced rods as an indication of how important Shimano view all anglers, irrespective of ability or budget. Even better, the new Zero Impact has also been launched for our reputable Power Pro. This is Power Pro braid with increased diameter sections placed along its full length, enabling you to make stronger connections in the increased diameter zone without using a heavier braid.

Last but not least, we thank you for the awesome support shown towards Shimano last year. We hope that you will continue to show us the same kind of enthusiasm again this year. Unity with the anglers is what the long-waited New Stella is all about. Made only for perfection, it features a number of new technology; Micromodule gear provides the new Stella an impossibly smooth crank with minimal vibration, G Free Body Structure shifts center of gravity closer to hand resulting in lighter feel.

Additional Friction Ring was added to support the pinion gears, resulting in reduced freeplay and a more responsive reel. The result is an unbeatable smooth cranking feeling.

New waterproof technologies in 3 locations ; Stopper Bearing, Body Surface and Line Roller, ensuring reel performance is kept for a long period of time. The New Stella has the worm shaft located closer to the rod, enhancing the sense of unity with the angler.

The body houses a Shimano X-ship gear, plus 12 S A-RB bearings, which guarantees super smooth and powerful cranking performance. A light weight reel with high durability. You will feel every single movement of the gear moving against each other when going through a hard fight. With all the latest design specifications, the Biomaster revolutionize fishing and increase its ever growing pool of ardent followers.

Featuring rigid support drag, waterproof drag system and the minimum drag material, Biomaster is truly a force to reckon with. One of the stalwart of the quick response series, the Ultegra features all the goodies usually reserved for the high end tackles. Most notable amongst its features is the magnumlite motor which reduces the starting inertia, meaning almost zero free play from the crank.

The Nasci range of light tackle reels had an array of improvements over its predecessor to keep its position as a value for money reel in its class. Ball bearing count is increased to 4 ARB for smooth line retrieve and casting performance is greatly improved with AR-C spool. Mention Sahara and the first word that comes to the mind is Workhorse. The new Sahara maintains this tradition with its wide arrays of feature.

The perfect choice for light tackle anglers. Available in 7 sizes. Refreshed cosmetics with popular features like AR-C spool with gold anodizing for improved corrosion resistance, machine-cut handle and paddle grip makes this a difficult choice to resist. Developed with no limitations in mind, the Stella SW series has completely redefined what spinning reels are capable of.

No longer a reel for medium impact coastal and inshore fishing, the modern generation Stellas have the ability to tackle the largest bluewater game fish on the planet - and win. Powered by 10 x S-ARB bearings, these are seriously tough reels for serious saltwater anglers seeking all sizes of fish including big game. It come in a choice of High or Performance gearing with coldforged gears, and also features X-Ship, six shielded A-RB Bearings and one roller bearing, kilos of drag power depending on the reel model, plus a one-piece bail along with an AR-C spool for resistancefree casting.

Oversized EVA power handle knob and our reinforced S-ARB bearing provides a smooth fishing in the most harsh and challenging conditions. Sustain has been a household name for years in the USA and with good reason - every model is a step into the future.

This range is easily identified by its stylish black and chrome finish which incorporates top Shimano features including X-Ship, Aero Wrap and an AR-C line management spool. FB With all the latest design specifications, the Biomaster revolutionize fishing and increase its ever growing pool of ardent followers. FL An ideal choice for professional angler or budding junior where value for money is a priority. However, have a feel of the reel and the differences will begin to show.

The X-Ship double bearing supported pinion gear is designed to increase gearing efficiency and power and provide ultra-light handle rotation.

Featuring X-Ship gearing for efficient winding power and 3 ball bearings plus a Shimano high quality roller bearing for smoothness, the visual profile and graphics of the Technium make this stand out from similar priced models. FE The Sahara spinning reels continues to serve anglers with its features that does not hurt their pockets. Made with the same high standard of manufacturing, these reels are made to last. Featuring an AR-C spool for better casting performance, Varispeed line lay and Dyna-Balance to reduce vibration, the Aernos performs as good as it looks.

The gun metal coloured body contrasts superbly with the red detailing making this model one of the most visually attractive reels available. Featuring a superb multi-disc front drag, the Nexave also has an aluminium spool combined with AR-C line management and Varispeed line lay for great casting accuracy and performance.

Part of the P4 reel range, the Catana produces smooth performance and offers exeptional value for money. Fitted with 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, with Varispeed line lay and and Aluminium AR-C spool, the Catana is an excellent all round reel for most general fishing situations.

These entry level reels are robust, reliable and continues the tradition of being extremely good value for money. These reels feature a strong body and precision machine aluminium spool. The drag is robust to handle bursting fishes. Ideal for many freshwater situations the Alivio uses Varispeed line lay and an AR-C spool for excellent line management. Size range from to and includes a shallow spool size for floar and spin fishing.

Whereas the smaller models in this series are designed for all types of fishing such as spinning, float, feeder, or any other light to medium styles, the large size is an ideal model for heavy duty spinning, specialist fishing or light surf casting. D The Baitrunner D series incorporte enough power to take on the biggest of fish. Featuring an XT-7 body and rotor, one piece bail, cold forged Aluminium spool and gear, waterproof drag, shielded A-RB, maintenance port and single Biomechanical handle.

OC stands for Oceanic. This is the baitrunner reel at its rawest form. Rugged features like Cold forged aluminium spool, Oversized power roller and the Legendary Shimano Baitrunner System, this is a reel that is made to overcome a huge range of fishing environment at an affordable price.

The TwinPower SWA will handle anthing thrown at it and continue asking for more, displaying many of the same qualities that make the Stella so successful and Shimano a pioneer in heavy saltwater sportfishing and jigging applications.

SW The New Saragosa SW comes in a wide range of sizes from up to a massive to suit the demands of all saltwater game anglers. The smaller are perfect for casting, spinning and jigging whilst the and sizes with their rigid support cross carbon drags are perfect for large bluewater game fish like tuna. These reels come from a well renowned Power Aero range of reels known for their highly rigid aluminium body that results in little energy loss due to lexing of reel body. Gears are made by Shimano well known cold forged techniques to ensure that its high quality and last much longer than traditional stamped gears.

ARC spool ensures that the line comes out smoothly off the spool when casting for maximum distance. Built specifically as a long casting surf and rock fishing reel, this reel was intentionally beefed up in all aspects to make it rugged, reliable and a pleasure to fish with. The subtle black on grey styling and Baitrunner Spool II makes the Speedcast series perfect reel when targeting large fishes. PG Looking for the perfect reel for your saltwater fishing? We have 2 excellent choice for you.

Aerlex PG - is a classically style reel that is not short of features and will not break the bank. Featuring a big pit for high line capacity, this is a reel for you to bring offshore and to do heavy bottom fishing Navi XTB is simply the choice of budget conscious surf casting. Having most of the higher end technology like easy maintance and Baitrunner spool, this reel is low in price but definitely not low on features!

The Activecast surfcast reel is a value for money surf reel that comes with a respectable 3. Completed with 4 ball Bearings, this reel is indeed suitable for anglers that wants a good reel to fight the fishes on the beaches without burning a hole in his pocket. This series comes in 5 different size to cater for different distance.

Top : Gear vibration under the previous gear system. Below : Reduced vibration with the new micro module gears. Empower yourself with potential limitless brake settings. Together with the G-free spool, get ready to be amaze by the casting distance you can achieve!

Antares, one of the brightest star in the universe, is our pinnacle in baitcast technology. The most intriguing of Antares technology would definitely be the new SVS infinity braking system.

Anglers can now adjust the brake column to give an even higher level of adjustment, other than adjusting the 6 SVS setting. Specially made for lurers in mind, the revolutionary metanium features a number of upgrades.

The SVS braking system allows anglers to cast different environment with one setting, the micromodule gears give the anglers a silky smooth feeling when cranking ever big swimbaits. The Exsence DC helps you achieve longer distance casting even in the most challenging conditions. It comes with 4 modes to choose from apart from the traditional setting to better suit your fishing conditions; SP special for night fishing, BB for casting big baits and F fluoro for anglers who prefer fluorocarbon mainline.

In true Shimano tradition, we improved a reel everyone thought was already at its peak potential. The Scorpion DC is the latest addition to the famed Scorpion tackle family. Loaded with electronic digital control, anglers only have to choose the type of fishing line to initiate the electronic braking system. On-board computer auto registers the line used and provides braking assist.

This mean that anglers can now cast further, more accurately and most importantly, do not have to worry about backlash. Comes in 2 different handle length. Aldebaran BFS XG - a design concept to create the most compact, feather weight baitcast reel and we have achieved this aim with an incredible gram weight.

We introduced the Corefit body and redefined how baitcasters should be designed. Other than lightweight and core fit body, there are also other features that a finese anglers will appreciate.

We increased the Star Drag arm to 6 from 5. This allows for close control with their fingers. The spool of the Aldebaran BFS is also special design finese spool to handle the casting of microlures!


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