Repairs guides for the Fender Frontman 15r, a small, 15 watt, practice guitar amplifier. Model number: Fender Frontman 15r. These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure. For common problems with the Fender Frontman 15r guitar amp, refer to the troubleshooting page.

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User Name Stay logged in? Modding a Fender Frontman 15G? Hello, guys. I have a Frontman 15G but it isn't the best amp you could imagine.. I have just opened the enclosure and I saw that the PCB has empty spaces with missing parts and it says 'for reverb models only'.. So maybe i could just add the missing parts..

Another thing.. Do you think that all that can be done and is worth it? Assuming it's the exact same board, and you can identify and obtain all the parts, then you should be able to add the reverb - but it all depends if you can find what they are, and obtain them specifically the actual reverb unit - depending what it is.

I must admit I'm dubious about reducing noise and hiss by altering the values, for a start I would identify where it's coming from. Find More Posts by Nigel Goodwin. I haven't heard this amp. OK, it's solid state, which isn't a big recommend, but Fender equipment is mostly pretty good. So don't go messing with the filters, just fix it before you attempt any mods. Thanks a lot anyway. I'm not talking about lots of hiss and hum..

However, I'm going to add the reverb or at least see if I can first and then experiment a bit with the filters and the hiss. Originally Posted by ribolovec2. The Frontman 15R is the version with reverb. Also FM15R in some variants. Yep, you can just install those extra parts and a reverb assembly with cables. Entry level practice amp with a low price tag so it wasn't really surprising. I don't know if the OP ever did the reverb add-on and filtering mods or if the project was abandoned and the amp is sitting in a dark corner somewhere If there is some interest maybe I should start a new thread?

I have played through several of these lower end solid-state fenders, and a speaker upgrade in ANY of them can do a major improvement. I have seen success with celestions, vintage organ speakers, or some crazy enough to use alnico weber speakers.

The stock speakers are often bargain-bin trash, IMHO. Yes I agree that a speaker upgrade would be major tone improvement. Even adding an external speaker jack would be a simple way to make it flexible and try larger speaker, or make it an amp ''head' as I saw some guys doing which ruins the combo portability The thought crossed my mind about the tube champ, but looking at the chassis of this just a bent sheet of thin steel I think I would reserve all that good tube stuff for a proper chassis and tweed cabinet!!

The 25R has a very small reverb assembly inside the chassis. The reverb is a problem: it gets really muddy at higher depth settings over 2 or 3 and maybe a combination of the feedback circuit and lack of a proper 'verb tank. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Resources saved on this page: MySQL User Name.

Stay logged in? Mark Forums Read. Instruments and Amps Everything that makes music, Especially including instrument amps. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you. Page 1 of 5. Thread Tools. View Public Profile. Send a private message to ribolovec2. Find More Posts by ribolovec2. Send a private message to Nigel Goodwin. Find More Posts by wakibaki. Quote: Originally Posted by ribolovec2 wakibaki, your schematic can easily be found on the Net, but if you have a close look, you'll notice that it doesn't contain the actual reverb section and the pcb layout has a blank white spot exactly where the reverb components should be.

Send a private message to Enzo. Find More Posts by Enzo. Send a private message to shanx. Find More Posts by shanx. Send a private message to bparnell Find More Posts by bparnell Quote: Hello, guys. I have a Frontman 15G but it isn't the best amp you could imagine Send a private message to tubelectron. Find More Posts by tubelectron.

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