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Fusion A Detailed Block D Pin Descriptions Grouped by P Optional Horizontal Luma Low Combined Luma Notch, 2x Over Peaking Filters page 36 - Figure Luma Peaking Filters with Effect of the Cropping and Video Data Format Converter page 53 - Table Luma and Chroma 2x Oversampl Basic Timing Relationships I 2 C Typical Protocol Diag Function 0 PCI Configuration Function 1 PCI Configuration Quick Links.

Download this manual. The Fusion A is a complete, low cost, single-chip solution for analog. The Fusion A takes advantage. It is designed to be interoperable with any other PCI multimedia. The Fusion A has all the video and audio capture features of the.

Bt, plus a whole lot more. Designed to address the demanding. The world is turning digital, with new. Fusion A can be used as the hub. Table of Contents. The world is turning digital, with new planar formats supported on output standards in Television — Conexant is believed to be accurate and reliable.

However, no responsibility is assumed by Conexant for its use, nor any infringement of patents, copyrights, or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. The Fusion A is based on the BtA video capture chip. The Fusion A is a BtA upgraded to include various audio capture capabilities. Page Figure Page Video Dma Channels 1. This instruction list is created by the Fusion A device driver and placed in the host memory. The instructions control the transfer of pixels to target memory locations on a byte resolution basis.

Page Pci Bus Interface 1. The X and Y dimensions can be scaled down to one-sixteenth of the full resolution. Horizontal scaling is implemented with a 6-tap interpolation filter, while up to 5-tap interpolation is used for vertical scaling with a line store.

Alternatively, the GPIO port can be used as a means to input video data. Page Pin Descriptions 1. Table provides a description of pin functions grouped by common function. Figure Page Table Page 22 Fusion A 1. Internally pulled up to VDD. Pins pulled up to 67—72, VDD. For additional information, see Tables and This pin should be connected to an external filtering 0. UltraLock then interpolates the required number of pixels in a way that maintains the stability of the original image despite variation in the line length of the incoming analog waveform.

A smaller number of pixels must be output. Conexant B Filtering And Scaling Fusion A 2. All three can be controlled independently. The filter characteristics are illustrated in Figure The Fusion A provides up to 5-tap filtering to ensure removal of aliasing artifacts.

The filters are illustrated in Figure Figure Peaking Filters Fusion A 2. This register is the control for scaling the video to the desired size. The following formula should be used to determine the value to be entered into this bit register.

Page 39 Fusion A 2. Page Image Cropping Fusion A 2. Page Cropping Registers Fusion A 2. Page Temporal Decimation The Fusion A provides temporal decimation on either a field or frame basis. Full frame rate video is out- put by the Fusion A. When changing the programming in the temporal decimation register, 0x00 should be loaded first, and then the decimation value.

This ensures that the decimation counter is reset to 0. In NTSC, the hue of the video signal is defined as the phase of the subcarrier with reference to the burst. Here, the color-burst amplitude is calculated and compared to nominal. The color-difference signals are then increased or decreased in amplitude according to the color-burst amplitude difference from nominal.

Page Coring 2. This is useful as the human eye is more sensitive to variations in black images. By taking near-black images and turning them into black, the image appears clearer to the eye.

Figure illustrates an NTSC video frame, in which there are a number of distinct regions. Both types of data may be captured during the same field.

Fusion A also offers a Y8 color format, in which the chroma component of the packed data is stripped and the luma component is packed into 8 bits. This format is otherwise known as gray scale.

Color Formats Fusion A 2. The even valid chroma data passes through unmodified, while the odd data is generated by averaging adjacent even data. Page Byte Swapping Fusion A 2. Page Physical Implementation 33 MHz.

All three FIFOs can be read simultaneously. Thus, video scan line data is aligned to target memory locations, and data path combinational logic between the FIFO and the PCI bus is not required. Page Risc Instructions Fusion A 2. Page 63 Fusion A 2. Page 64 Fusion A 2. Page 65 Fusion A 2.

Page 66 Fusion A 2. This allows unconditional branching of the sequencer program. This indicates the areas of the display where the video image is to be occluded. The Fusion A driver Page Executing Instructions Fusion A 2. The DMA controller keeps track of the data to the nearest byte, and is able to deliver the rest of the scan line in case the FIFO overrun condition is cleared.

Page Interfacing With Non-Pci 2. This also has the side effect of not being able to take advantage of bus parking, thus lowering arbitration performance. The MUX selects are break-before-make. Page 75 Fusion A 2. With default settings, the maximum data rate into the serial interface is Page Fifo Interface Fusion A 2. The audio data path is illustrated in Figure Please contact the local sales office for availability.

Page Electrical Interfaces In the second configuration, connect three inputs to the composite sources and the other input to the luma component of the S-Video connector.


Conexant Fusion 878A 4 Channel 30fps V1.01 PCI Card Video Capture Surveillance

Fusion A Detailed Block D Pin Descriptions Grouped by P Optional Horizontal Luma Low Combined Luma Notch, 2x Over Peaking Filters page 36 - Figure Luma Peaking Filters with Effect of the Cropping and


Conexant Fusion 878a No definida

A PCI interface chipset from Conexant that provides video decoder functionality. It is supported under Linux by the bttv and associated kernel driver modules. An updated version of the former Bt chipset which, upon coming under the Conexant banner, was also sometimes known or referred to as the Fusion Bt With the newer Fusion A's release, the "Bt" for B rook t ree was dropped from the product nomenclature.


Conexant Fusion 878A Manual


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