In this workshop we will be using aeromagnetic data from the Ravensthorpe area of WA. This is an interesting and varied dataset from an area with known mineral deposits and potential to find more. The dataset is contained within three files : rav3. These files are in the Blackboard folder workshop 1 3 march Each of these files contains eastings, northings and aeromagnetic values in that order. STEPS 1.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Oasis montaj 7. The core software platform for working. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Geosoft Oasis Montaj 7.

Summary of Contents for Geosoft Oasis Montaj 7. Page 2 Written by, Nancy Whitehead. Please send comments or questions to info geosoft. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, reading, or otherwise, without prior consent from Geosoft Inc.

Page 7: Oasis Montaj 7. Oasis montaj is available in two versions — a free Viewer and a licensed Mapping and Processing System. The Oasis montaj Viewer is a free software product that enables you to view Geosoft The Geosoft Install Package setup dialog is displayed and tells you that the system is preparing the installation.

Page 9: Authorizing Your Internet Communication Settings This dialog box enables you to set the type of access you want when communicating with an internet or external server to download data. You can select from three levels of access that will define how the Geosoft Server will communicate with your computer: Trusted This setting will automatically authorize all communication with the server.

Page Setting High-Resolution Graphics 4 Oasis montaj Verify This setting will ask you to verify all communication with the server before proceeding with a download. This means that whenever you access the server, the server will show you what is being downloaded and ask you to authorize it. Click the [Accept] button to give permission and download the file s or click the [Deny] button if you do not want to download the file s.

Note that, technical support is for Licensed Users Only. Double click on the Oasis montaj Viewer icon in Windows Explorer or File manager or the icon located on you desktop screen. A general rule to follow in working with Geosoft applications is to avoid working in the directory where Oasis montaj was installed. An Oasis montaj "Project" encompasses every item in your working project; from the data files in your project databases, maps, and grids , to the tools used including 3D tool and the Project Explorer , to the project setup including the menus you have displayed and whether you are working on a map or profile and the state in which you left it the last time you used it.

The system saves the project and indicates it is open by adding menus to the menu bar, adding buttons to the Database Tools, Map Layout, Map Tools and Standard short-cut tool bars and by displaying the Project Explorer window.

Page 16 Select the desired choices from the available selections. You need not change any selections at this time. Once you are more familiar with Geosoft, you may come back to alter the settings. The following list summarizes the default Oasis montaj Viewer settings Page Finding Help About topics, which will introduce you to Oasis montaj.

Page Tutorial 2: Working With Data We recommend that you use speed, as it provides the fastest access to your data with a good compression rate. Opening a Database Geosoft databases store and organize your survey data. Databases are displayed and organized in Oasis montaj in the Spreadsheet Window. The casaber. The Save database as dialog is displayed. You can accept the intelligent defaults and click the [OK] button. Page 23 Tutorial 2: Working with Data 17 A box will appear beneath the empty channel header listing all the available channels that are not currently being viewed in the Spreadsheet window.

Select Z1 and click the [OK] button, to display the channel in the Spreadsheet. If you know the name of the data channel already, you can simply position the cursor on a specific Channel Header Cell, type the name and press the [Enter] key. In this example we will display the Statistics for the Z1 channel.

Page Displaying Profiles In The Spreadsheet Tutorial 2: Working with Data 19 The following list summarizes how to obtain results on specific parts of your database: No statistics can be calculated.

Click once on the channel header cell to highlight the header cell. Statistics are calculated for that specific line of the Click twice double click on the database. Page 26 20 Tutorial 2: Working with Data To see where the Z1 values are located on the profile line simply click on a Note: value in the Mag channel and the system will show a box indicating the corresponding area on the profile.

The currently displayed line in the worksheet is L Click right mouse button on this cell and select the List option from the popup menu. Click this button to show the data and profiles for the button to show the data and profiles previous line in your database.

Page Plotting Profile Windows Tutorial 2: Working with Data 23 All profiles including those from different channels Same scale for all profiles in panel are set to the same scale.

All profiles are centred individually on their own Same range for all profiles in panel mid-data value. The current selection drives what exists inside the tool. Page 31 Tutorial 2: Working with Data 25 Use this dialog to View the Metadata associated with the selected database file.

To edit the Metadata, click the [Edit] button and the Edit Metadata dialog will be Values displayed in a grey box cannot be edited. Values displayed in a white Note: box may be edited.

ArcEngine is included with the installation of Oasis montaj 7. Also, any item in the Project Explorer may be dragged and dropped into the Project window for quick display. Check the Auto-Redraw box to automatically redraw the map when a change is made to it. Page 37 Tutorial 2: Working with Data 31 Visible Scale Click this button to set a scale range in which the currently selected Group will be visible.

For example, individual groups may be made visible only at specific scales. Then, while zooming, if the map scale is outside the range, the group is not drawn. Open Map Use this command to open an existing Geosoft map. Load Menu Use this command to load a menu to the menu bar. Click on the area of the map you want to zoom e. Change Extent on All Maps Click this button to apply map commands to all the open map windows in the project.

There are several types of grids and images you can display. For a complete list of the grid and image formats that are supported in Oasis montaj see the online help topic Data Formats In Oasis montaj, a Grid is a visual representation of a survey area interpolated from a Select the Plot file name. Click [New Map]. The Geosoft plot file is displayed on a new map.

To display a Geosoft plot file on a current map, click the [Current Map] Note: button. For more information on these parameters, click the Help button. Click [OK]. The DXF file is displayed on a map. The snapshot will be saved with the current map.

Visit www. Page 50 44 Tutorial 2: Working with Data To specify the spatial extents you can use the Global Explorer and Navigation tools, or in the Overview map window you can select an area including the entire globe or select a specific region using the dropdown list. You can further focus your Search criteria by entering "Keywords" To add datasets to the Data Layers window, select highlight a dataset from the "Servers" tree view or select multiple datasets from the "Servers" Page 52 46 Tutorial 2: Working with Data The Results tab, on the right side of the dialog window, will display the data that is available for download.

Note the number of data files available is specified beside the DAP Server name e. Select the data you would like to downloaded and display on your map.

Page Using The Metadata Tool To allow for this and provide flexibility, Geosoft metadata is stored in a hierarchical data structure called a "meta". The Metadata browser will displays the meta structure also called a "schema" and the metadata information of a specific data source.

Each tab enables you modify different aspects of the 3D View within the 3D Viewer. Note that you can also move the model closer and farther in any mode using the roller on your mouse if you have one. Page 57 Tutorial 2: Working with Data 51 Left click, and while holding down on the mouse key move the grid right to left or up and down. The entire grid will move in the direction in which you move the mouse. The grid will be redrawn on your map with the new distance.

Select the brightness bar. Slider bar from left to right to increase the transparency. True transparency has been added and is automatically enabled with video Note: cards that support it. Uncheck the Mesh checkbox removes the mesh and displays the colour shading grid. The Voxel will be updated with the new clipped Axis range. To interactively modify the Clip Axis X Y, Z , use your cursor and move slider from either end of the slider bar.

Click inside the Colour box to display the Color tool dialog. Page Sending E-Maps Tutorial 2: Working with Data 63 Sending E-maps E-maps, also called packed maps, enable you to pack all the files grids, images, map objects that are displayed on a map into a single file. GRD files associated with a map are included in the e-mail. You can also specify to Include dummies? Click the [OK] button.


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