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A classic daily devotional for the encouragement of the Christian walk. Welcome to the God Calling website! If you are unfamiliar with this daily devotional, you might enjoy reading the back story of the book.

Russell, in The Story of the Book. In part, A. The original God Calling was first published in in England. This is copyrighted material shared here with the permission of his family. We are thankful for their generosity in allowing us to share this life-changing book, one of our long-time favorites.

We have loved this book for years, have given out many copies to friends and other disciples searching for a closer walk with our Lord. Our own adventures with Dr. Most of these books are in the public domain, and are not copyrighted. We invite you to use the public domain books you find here freely within your ministry. Copy them, print them, refer your friends to the website. We have no advertising, no sales or promotions on our site or in our emails ever. Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever.

Jude The same strength we seek directly from Him. Everything will be okay because He promised us it will be. All is well. I absolutely LOVE this dear little book! I need to order a new copy, as the one I have now is in really bad shape due to daily reading over the years. I love the God calling book.

I have had it for 30 years. It is tattered and falling apart! Thanks for putting these online. They really are a treasure. I love the pictures you have added. If these 2 ladies only knew what delight many would benefit from this book! A lesson for us. Keep the faith! Jesus IS Lord! Praise The Lord! I just read all the postings and found them most refreshing. This is my first visit to your website.

My smartphone pull up your site when I was conducting a search for information on A. Enjoyed the site, thanks for the divine connection. We like the journals because they have the scriptures as well as they devotions. Blessings to you and yours, Carol. How do I purchase one for a gift and I also need a new one,my paged are torn.

And who shall not fear thee and glorify thy name, for thou only art holy. And all nations shall come to worship before thee. Thy judgements, are made manifest. I totally agree with this, and have done this for many years. But for me, reading the devotionals each day sometimes gives what I will need for that day.

Just as often it gives what I WILL need in the near future to respond to an event or conversation I did not know was coming. It is a great journey to discover what fills your life with peace and confidence in each season.

Explore the possibilities! Blessings, Carol. Just a suggestion for everyone else. Give it a try! Only read it when you think about it. Some days He might surprise you with a message that seems to be written just for you! God will never leave you or forsake yo.

The time when you feel Him the least is the time when you need to trust Him the most. He lives in you, He hears your prayers…ask, seek, knock…you will get an answer…you will find …and it will be opened for you! We have an amazing God.. Honestly, Our Lord disciplines those He loves. I was reading an account of a soul who died and went to hell. It was interesting that she never suffered sickness or doubt or anything like you are going through.

Truly, when God sees we love Him He allows what draws us closer and eventually rewards the soul unlike the one who rejects Him who smiles and laughs all the way to hell. I just read the first chapter of Absolute Surrender. Andrew Murray and the inspirational Oswald Chambers are two peas in a pod. Talk about like philosophy. A friend of mine gave me this book. This book truly has given me a new growth in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for this wonderful book, I love it. That may help. As He never leaves you, nor forsakes you. Christian bookstores also carry it. Blessings to you and yours, carol. Please, where do I get a copy for myself too and perhaps for others? Maybe I should check Amazon? Thanks soooo much dear Michelle.

This has been sooo useful to me as well. In this spiritual journey, there are some good days and bad days too. As humans, we tend to incline to our senses more and more, it takes deliberate effort to hang on to the spiritual, and trust me, some days are cloudy and seem impenetrable. That is the phrase I hang on to at such times Amber. Dear Amber, Your story touched my heart, as I have been a Christian for about 43 years. Your situation is not unique. The still small voice is ever present, even when you are not aware of it.

I often felt like you, that God was not speaking to me. Rememeber what the word says please read these for yourself Joshua 1: 8; Hebrews 5b; Matthew 20b, that the Lord promised us that He would never leave us or forsake us.

We need to receive this truth by faith and act as though it is ever present! Then you will be prosperous and successful. I really hope that you are able to receive these truths and know that the Lord is ever present and is ever more ready to communicate with you than you are to receive!

Eion Watson. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to offer hope. The support you have provided me shows just how much love and faith is still alive in our world and it makes me happy beyond words.

Please know that I have read each of your posts many times and I have felt peace in my heart. God brought me to this site and I know deep down that everything is going to be okay. He was there for me in the past and I know He will be there for me every day I have left on this earth and beyond. So many times the message says exactly what I need to hear. That is not a coincidence. Never leave the path of strict observance of all you were told to do when you saw Me and spoke to Me on the Mount.

This all means you are on the right path! Coming through the dark times is what develops faith, endurance, patience — all essential qualities to live a spirital life and grow closer to God. God is burning the dross away from you so you can become the pure gold you are meant to be! So I can love people who need love, help people who need help.

And to be capable of greatl joy and peace.


Why the book “God Calling” is considered occultic

It is safe to assume that many sincere Christians have felt blessed by the book, God Calling , as the book remains available through mainstream Christian bookstores. Wishing to remain anonymous, the listeners compiled this book of daily guidance edited by A. The listeners claimed these messages were given to them by Jesus Himself as a special revelation, but an unbiblical Jesus is an oxymoron. They sincerely believed the Great Companion and Guide was God calling. Yet, the Bible teaches, the devil was in the details of this seduction all along.


God Calling

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Matthew Our Lord and our God. We joy in Thee. Without Thy Help we could not face unafraid the year before us. I stand between the years.


Review of God Calling

A classic daily devotional for the encouragement of the Christian walk. Welcome to the God Calling website! If you are unfamiliar with this daily devotional, you might enjoy reading the back story of the book. Russell, in The Story of the Book. In part, A.

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