If your stress management class makes you stressed out, then we have a problem. This class will most certainly help you manage your stress throughout your time in college. It makes everything easy to remember! This class is relatively easy since it covers the basics when it comes to concepts in nutrition.

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Professor Leon is easily one of the best professors at GW - smart, funny, and cares a lot about his students. Graded by a weekly discussion post, a few in class quizzes, and three tests - he also provided extra credit opportunities. If you put in the work you'll do well - no surprises. Kenneth Leon. Professor in the Sociology department at George Washington University. I'm Professor Leon Submit a Correction. Professor Leon's Top Tags. You won't pass. Clear grading criteria Participation matters.

Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the Sociology Department 5. Jul 27th, For Credit: Yes. Such a confusing and disorganized teaching style. Way harder than it needed to be.

Take it with someone else because the material is actually interesting but Professor Leon made it boring and confusing. May 2nd, Clear grading criteria Hilarious Amazing lectures. Apr 30th, Professor Leon was one of the best professor Ive had so far at GW. He is always accessible out of class and really cares about his students. He is dedicated towards his students and really takes time to get to know each and every one of his students.

I highly recommend professor Leon for any student. Mar 19th, I joined this class through a RTF form because the class was full. Sitting through lecture is almost unbearable. However, Professor Leon is very smart and goes the extra mile to teach topic points. Jan 14th, Professor Leon was not my favorite professor but he also was not a bad professor. His lectures are a little rough to get through when you are really tired because his voice is kinda soft.

Tests are very fair and he provides various extra credit opportunities throughout the year that are very easy to get credit for. Dec 23rd, This class is easy, but boring. Lots of extra credit. Dec 22nd, Professor Leon is an amazing professor. There are opportunities for extra credit. His tests are not difficult if you do the assigned readings and study.

He's funny and makes the class very interesting. Always accessible to help students. I can't recommend this class enough. Dec 21st, One of the most boring professor's I have had.

If you read the textbook and read the slides, there is really no need to go to class. However, he makes attendance mandatory and has a no-laptop policy. His lectures are confusing and monotonous. The only plus side is that he has a ton of extra credit opportunities. Dec 20th, Ken was the most boring lecturer ever.

He tried to relate to us, but he did it in a way that made it seem like he was a sociologist studying us. Also, he openly stated that we were guinea pigs and he was using us to try out different tests.

As a result, it was difficult to know how to prepare for his test. He's nice but the class is super boring!! May 14th, Kenneth is the man. Attendance is mandatory, but his class is interesting.

Midterm and Final are not hard, but you do need to study for them. Textbook isn't necessary as long as you take decent notes and review the powerpoint. Take this class, also Kenneth is hilarious and there is extra credit. Skip class? Clear grading criteria Hilarious. May 13th, Reading the textbook isn't necessary, it's only there to reinforce learning. Though monotone at times, he is still able to convey his passion and keep students engaged. Exams are tested to the book, and assignments should not be too overburdening.

Lectures are concise and straight to the point. Very sleek and keen guy. Hilarious Amazing lectures Caring. Mar 30th, Wicked easy class, show up, do one GPAC assignment that I low key enjoyed, and a midterm, with a hot professor who is legit the man.

Dec 15th, He's beautiful and gives extra credit and brings candy to class. He's also very clear on what will be on his exams. Lectures are interesting and he shows you pictures of his dog. Tests are easy. Film assignments are easy because he picks good movies to watch.

Great class overall. We need more Leons in this world. Dec 7th, Professor Leon is the kindest professor ever. As long as you try hard in the class, go to office hours, and do some extra credit you will get an A in the class. He is also the most beautiful gorgeous man alive and literally says the funniest most unexpected things in class.

Take this class!!!! Also very interesting! Gives good feedback Skip class? Nov 10th, For Credit: No. Very nice to look at and was a really good teacher. He keeps you engaged and makes jokes every class to help lighten the mood on topics that can be pretty heavy. He did take attendance and it was a part of your grade. His tests were very well described and fair.

He also gave a ton of extra credit to help boost your grade!! Sep 6th, Professor Leon was great! For an intro class, he covers a lot of material but if you show up to class and pay attention in lectures you will get and A.

He gives a lot of extra credit opportunities. He is young and humourous, which makes it easier to connect with him. I would definitely take his class again. Inspirational Clear grading criteria.


Jeremy's CCAS News & Notes

View as PDF. Economics, George Washington University, August Economics, University College of London, September Economics and Mathematics cum laude , Stonehill College, May Foster chair , Stephen Smith, and Tony Castleman. Fields of Concentration. Teaching Experience.


Jacob Garber: Let more courses count for general requirements

Mar Posted by Jeremy Baker. Sorry you got jerked around students…. Posted in Announcements. Leave a comment.


General Education Curriculum–Perspective, Analysis, Communication (G-PAC)

Professor Leon is easily one of the best professors at GW - smart, funny, and cares a lot about his students. Graded by a weekly discussion post, a few in class quizzes, and three tests - he also provided extra credit opportunities. If you put in the work you'll do well - no surprises. Kenneth Leon.


10 of the Easiest Classes at GWU

Students achieve a set of learning outcomes that enhance their analytical skills, develop their communication competencies, and invite them to participate as responsible citizens who are attentive to issues of culture, diversity, and privilege. Courses taken in fulfillment of G-PAC also may be counted toward majors or minors. Transfer courses taken prior to, but not after, admission to George Washington University may count toward the University General Education Requirement and G-PAC, if those transfer courses are equivalent to GW courses that have been approved by the University and the College. The George Washington University. Toggle Navigation Toggle Navigation. Humanities—one approved course in the humanities that involves critical or creative thinking skills.

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