The Halo video game and media franchise takes place in a science fiction universe, where there are four major factions players encounter or control. The massive installation was built by an enigmatic race known as the Forerunners , who have long since disappeared; the Covenant worship the Forerunners as gods. During the course of the game, players discover that the Halos were built as a weapon of last resort against the Flood , an extragalactic parasite which is driven to consume all sentient life. The Forerunners were forced to activate the Halo network, killing themselves and any potential Flood hosts, in an effort to starve the Flood to death. The Covenant leadership discovered Humans could interact with Forerunner technology, and decide to destroy humanity in order to suppress this fact.

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Halo 3 is a beloved game, and rightly so. Bungie definitively said on multiple occasions that this was the end of the fight and a lot of people just sort of roll with that. We want this to be the final chapter in an epic trilogy.

I think it was a little bit liberating. Hearing the guys talk about working through the trilogy and the obligation of keeping the themes moving forward and tying them up systematically.

It had to evolve into something new, whereas Bungie was more interested in tying together the themes that they had already established and bringing the overall set-up of their interpretation of the Halo universe full circle.

Bungie tend to tell very event-based stories, whereas Halo 4 could only have worked as a character-driven story. Earth is saved. Humanity is saved. You stop the Halos from firing, rescue Cortana, and defeat the Flood. And then, Reach gets reterraformed some decades later. Happily ever after, right?

Some of you may be familiar with this because, some years ago, a bullet point list was complied by me and a friend on bungie. Simply put, the Covenant is a theocratic, hegemonic empire composed of a multitude of species from the Orion Arm of our galaxy. Xytan effectively formed his own Covenant there, and planned to end the Great Schism there and then. Alas, save for a rabble of Heretics and their Demon allies, we are all that made the passage.

Thus we must temper joy with sorrow in our hearts, for those who were left behind. Consider how quickly so many ships and resources were gathered and moved around to prepare for a full-on invasion — individual fleets could be composed of hundreds of ships, and others could be gathered within weeks or months.

The role of Arbiter ended up serving a similar function as well. The formation of groups such as these was inevitable, the idea of reclaiming that former glory, reforming it, and attaining some semblance of purpose and stability from it is a prospect that many would find attractive in a post-war period of uncertainty.

To take part in moment of promise, freedom for allegiance, salvation for service! But some, like the humans, chose to impede our progress.

Block our access to sacred sites, damage holy relics! For their transgressions, the humans shall be hunted until none remain alive! But Bungie left that one for the books…. Like water I ebb and flow. Defeat is simply the addition of time to a sentence I never deserved… but you imposed. Despite blowing up the Flood-infested High Charity, the Gravemind was capable of almost immediately beginning the process of rebuilding itself on Installation 04B.

Just as with the Covenant, what we achieved here was a temporary cessation. The immediate Flood threat was sterilised, but by no means are they gone. Not dislike. She is waiting to be rescued while the Gravemind mind-rapes her, a word which here means to quote the TV Tropes page :.

Minimal to no sexual contact actually occurs, but as the name indicates, everything else is there to resemble a rape — the ultimate violation of privacy and consent, extreme humiliation that annihilates all sense of self-esteem, near-absolute helplessness even against your very own mind and body, and the corrupt perversion of what could otherwise be a source of identity and joy.

He cornered me, wrapped me tight… and brought me close. The voice acting and the way in which the camera lingers on Miranda and Tartarus for a beat to show her reaction as the threat sinks in speaks quite clearly to the intent there. Back to Cortana, compounding on the issue, she exists as a narrative object in Halo 3 as well — in the sense that she holds the key to the Deus Ex Machina that will resolve the plot, and in the sense that these scenes of her torture exist to motivate and serve the story of the Master Chief.

Except they also fail to serve even that function because John never actually shows any reaction to these visions. Originally, she said:. The original plan for this mission was that you would plug Cortana into a Scarab:. Cortana and a Scarab. You were supposed to, or rather the idea was that you were going to, fight the Gravemind, but not in a way you might think.

You were going to retrieve Cortana, and a little after that you two were going to come across an abandoned Scarab with its hind legs ripped off. Seeing no other options, you were going to board the Scarab and insert Cortana so she could pilot it. After that, the Gravemind was going to appear, and Cortana was going to duke it out with him in the damaged Scarab while you were on board. Floodgate had to be cut in half , as it originally consisted of the level layout and geometry that made the Cortana mission.

Will Thel be able to fulfil his need for revenge against the Prophet of Truth and then, after that, what does he do? Will the Prophet of Truth be able to fulfil the promise made to the Covenant about the Great Journey we know, of course, that the answer to this from day one was always going to be no, and so did he, but he does it anyway? Will Guilty Spark, now devoid of function due to the loss of Installation 04, fulfil his need for purpose? Will Miranda and Johnson, two people who have been through the entire war, be able to bring it to an end?

What are the sacrifices they will have to make in order to fulfil the oath they made to protect humanity? Everyone has an active stake in this story… except for Cortana. Cortana, on the other hand, has to spend an unknown period of time alone with nothing to do until rampancy claimed her. And the Halo 4 that we got dealt with this in such a beautiful, poignant way. I alluded earlier to the inevitable thematic shift in storytelling that put Bungie off doing their own Halo 4 because it necessitated moving the focus to characters rather than events.

Everyone has to figure out what it means to die, and Cortana made her death count. And these actions opened up critical new dialogues within the UNSC about the nature of AI personhood and individuality that had the potential to fundamentally change the landscape of how humans and AIs co-existed….

This line is twisted around to apply to John in-reference to Cortana in Halo 3. John and Cortana ultimately reject that question. They make sacrifices for each other because they both feel that they have a duty of care for the other, that they must go forth on this journey not just side-by-side, but as equals. And then Halo 5 happened, burning that beautiful house down. That was my entry into the Halo community. Where I had been playing the games in the years before, my first time venturing into the community was lurking on the bungie.

This is how it all begins. Just in time to, once again, dance on the knife-edge of oblivion. To relive what the Halos have hoped to destroy, and more. For two enemies now stand, where before, there was only one. With fate we escaped, and fate we may relive. I almost convinced myself that no one was listening; that the waves of the past would roll through once again. But a chance remains to change the universe anew.

Learn of our past. Take these keys and dip from the wells of history. The left hand holds darkness, the right hand holds light. That is how the universe creates, and that is how we proceeded. A soldier who would one day destroy his brother. We were the thunder and the lightning, and when we were finished, the universe was alone, drifting in labour. Did we succeed? Did we fail? We did both. Depending on who you serve. After all, here we are, witness to the aftermath. But where did the Forerunners go?

Offensive Bias will stop him, and I will burn this stinking menace in your name. I will begin our Great Journey without you, carrying this bitter record. Those who came after will know what we bought with this [false transcendence] — what you bought, and the price you paid. So the Great Journey was actually real, but is yet another thing that the Covenant have misinterpreted. We can halt this thing! And we can follow in Their footsteps! Who are They? The story of Cryptum is recalled from an artefact found within Trevelyan known as the Bornstellar Relation.

Primordium is the documented testimony of the now-reawakened Chakas, recovered from Installation 04B. Silentium is a series of data strings pulled from a Monitor shell and deceased Catalog unit.

In the Bestiarum, the unknown intelligence that documented this particular compendium of information introduced a whole new species to the Halo universe:. They can travel intergalactically and accelerate evolution of intelligent life. These may be creatures of legend. The inference at the time was made that the Didact was talking about following in the footsteps of the Precursors. But where did it come from?

The simple act of putting two and two together with this string of information again, not even within the context of the lore we have now which has built on all of this, but as far back as painted an intriguing picture. What exactly the intended outcome of this plan was, we had no idea.

According to a Bungie Mail Sack issue, the intention here was to set up Halo



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Halo 3: Bestiarum

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