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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. I'm having kinda the same problem, but the dealership gives me the "oh thats only in american, we don't have any bulletin for canada".

Except the cars are pretty much built at the same place, using the same schematic. There has to be a canadian service bulletin similiar to the one above. Or anything that can help me get Honda to honor the warranty and get my upper control arm replaced. I quickly read through that TSB Dealership did ultimately replace the upper rear control arms which resulted in better alignment numbers. According to the TSB, my car should not have been covered. From what I've read, Honda only covers this if still in warranty period in your case, I hope you bought the extended warranty.

Another potentially better option is to install a camber kit on the rear, which will give you even more control over this alignment issue. My powertrain expires this fall. So yea, I want to get this done before then.

Honda may decide to pay for some of it as a goodwill gesture, but you may find it cheaper to just use these control arms and install a camber kit that will solve your alignment troubles once and for all.

I'm getting new tires on my 08 civic dx-G tomorrow, just because the back right rear got eaten up on the inside.

I'll be asking a before and after print out on the alignment. The Honda dealer in Chatham-Kent mentioned that it has the "updated" upper control arm marked with a "white "C". I have 22, left on the warranty so I'll be watching and measuring the new tires with alignment like a hawk. The tecs also didn't like the directional hydro edge tires.

They ended up saying the that "toe is out" and needs adjusting. Requesting my used tires back to for future claims. What's the camber kit for? Call Honda corporate. You'll be sitting on the phone for a good hour or so, maybe 1. Be ready to do some house cleaning while the robot says "Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line, and your call will be answered in the order of which it was received.

If I've helped you solve an issue, don't forget to click the Thanks button to the left. I'd rather get an aftermarket control arm with adjustable camber at that price. Congrats to the Winners!


07 Rear Tire Wear and TSB 08-001

The Internet has been abuzz with complaints about uneven and rapidly wearing tires on the Civic. These uneven tire problems can quickly turn into braking issues and also lead to reports of difficult to control vibrations, giving some drivers fits when traveling at highway speeds. Honda finally agreed to a class-action settlement while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge the problem exists at all. Civic owners are rallying together to raise awareness about the defectively short Rear-Upper Control Arms that are causing their tires to wear rapidly and unevenly. The new control arms take out.


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