Page Count: MB 4 User Manual V1. User Manual. This publication, in cluding all photographs, illu strations and softw are, is protected. Neither t his manua l, nor. Other product names men tioned herein are used for ident ification purpose only.

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Page Count: MB 4 User Manual V1. User Manual. This publication, in cluding all photographs, illu strations and softw are, is protected. Neither t his manua l, nor. Other product names men tioned herein are used for ident ification purpose only. Limitation of Liability. While reasonable efforts hav e been made to ensure the accuracy of this manual,. Congratulation on y our MB-4!

You will be able to connect the latest. Moreov er, it has. Alt hough ViseeO MB-4 is very easy to install and. We strongly advise that full atten tion i s to be pa id to the traffic condi tions w henever. D istraction of attention can lead to dangerous traffic situ ation.

Even when using a handsfree car kit driv er is always advised to avoid phone call. Use Only Approved Replacement Parts. Please alway s use official parts for your ViseeO unit as unknow n spare or. For detailed instruction ple ase see Section 2. Make sure th ere is no cradle attached to the. For detailed instruction ple ase see Section 3. If you d o not s ee the P AIR f unction in the main screen. Enable Bluetooth on your pho ne and search for a new Bluetooth device. Select MB-4 when displayed a list of available Bluetooth devices nearby.

Enter on your mobile phone when the pass-code is requested. If you have a Samsung. Galaxy phone please refer to manual instr uction Sectio n 6. The signal si gn on y our vehicle's screen sh ould become solid when th e connection is. No Pho ne Devi c e. Dial a set of numbers you wish to call usin g the numeric keypad on your Comand console. Press the answe r button on your Comand console to make a phone call.

To end the call, press the hang up button on your Comand console to end the call. For detailed instruction ple ase see Section 4. Connect your phone with MB MB-4 should automatica lly sync with your p hone as soon as they are connected. MB-4 will temporary disconnec t from your Comand console. After the connection comes back wait for a while for Comand console to organize the. If you have larg e phonebook s uch as entries or e ven more it will take some time fo r. Comand console to organ ize your phonebook.

Press TE L button on the Comand conso le to access telephone function. Press P honebook button on the Comand console to acce ss your phonebook.

C onn e cted. This symbol indicate that. Understandin g Your MB- Basic Operatio n Phonebook Function Advanced Blu etooth S etting Other Advanced Setting s Understanding Your MB MB-4 main unit.

ViseeO Softw are Upgrade Cable. Bro wsing But ton. P o wer I ndicato r. O LED Displ ay. C onne cted. Lef t Bu tton F un ctio n. Middle But ton F un ct i on.

Rig ht B utto n Functi on. Conn ect ion St a tus. Ph oneboo k U pl oad. Each key correspo nds to a designated command show n on the display. Item, Yes, Mic Volu me Up. Different years of Mercedes Benz vehicle s are equipped with different types of t he. UHI interface system. MB-4 is designed to w ork with different type of Co mand.

Origi nal. Therefore, before inserting MB-4 into the. To sw itch to the NTG 4 softw are:. Remove the rubber from the software sw itch at the back of MB Origi nal phone. Please make sure the v ehicle engine is off. Press the release b utton on y our cradle normally located at the top. Now install y our MB Pre ss an d hold the UHI release. Turn on the engi ne. Once you have ins talled your MB-4 in t he vehicle, you need to pair it with your.

To pair y our mobile phone wi th MB-4 for the first time :. Press [MENU] in standby mode. Browse with [. Brow se with [. Search ViseeO on your phone '. Enable y our mob ile phone' s Bluetooth and search for a new Bluetooth dev ic e as.

Select M B-4 when y our phone display s a list of av ailable Bluetooth de vices. Depending on your mobile phone model you may require to set ViseeO MB-4 as the 'trusted device'. Plea se refer to your mobil e phone manual for fur ther information. Enter on your mobile phone when prompted by. W hen the connection is established the signal s ign on. We endeavour t o make sure all major Bluetooth mobile. However, with the new phones or less popular phones there is. If you are experiencing a. If MB-4 is.

MB-4 can pair up to 4 phones and if you are t rying to pair a fifth phone MB-4 will. Device for further information. Quick Switch for Paired Phones is a hotkey in the standby mode t hat enables you. To use this f unction y ou must have. The fir st paired phon e will be assigned to P1,. To use the Quick. Press [P1] or [P2] , [P3] , [P4] depending on which phone is in connection.

Conne c te d. Paired Device for fu rther information.


MB 4 User Manual V1.7 190112 Viseeo

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