Essentially the same as the amplifiers on the ASP modules, they are available in power variants of W, W and W. They can be used on their own, powered by a linear power supply, or they can be powered by the hanger bus from the modules in the ASP series for creating 2 channel amplifiers, 2-way and 3-way active speakers. If you want to know more about how to best utilize the modules in the A Series, you can click below to see the typical applications. Below you can see the application possibilities for the A Series. If you have any doubt or questions, please contact our sales team. Active studio monitors.

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Hey all, Got a quick question I am planning on building a PS for a pair of Icepower A modules. Is a full VA power supply justified for this stereo amp?

I know its w 2. Charles V. The ASP power supply would be able to deliver all the current, but not indefinitely. If you look at the specs you will see that there is a thermal limitation so full output is limited in duration to something like a minute. Makes sense. No rush! Just use simple calculation to roughly estimate the power supply i. For stereo power amplifier with a pair of class D module required, power supply of AV or higher is recommended.

It is another good choice to eliminate power supply consideration for non-technical Diyer. In field of audio DIY industry, people always consider sound quality or price to be the first priority. But, I encourage Diyer to think about product safety to be the first priority.

But, recommend you to make a dual mono one class D module per metal chassis for better sound with power push button with spec.

Find More Posts by alant Originally Posted by john65b. For normal home use you could therefore go to VA with a bit of safety margin and even a VA transformer should be adequately sized. For a linear supply this isn't much of a problem, the transformer will just be a little bit hotter. Here, you would normally have to look at the peak current requirements of the amp instead of average power to ensure that you do not hit current clipping which sounds really bad.

This is why I wrote that the PSU in the ASP is sized with a thermal limitation - it will deliver the peak power you need but if you try to run it continuously at that level it will overheat after a fairly short time because it is not required. I am not saying there is no benefit to oversizing the PSU in an amplifier, I am just saying that calculating how much you really need can be a useful reality check to avoid paying more that you actually need.

Now if you think that any transformer under 2kVA is unsuitable for powering anything bigger than a three-tone doorbell then by all means go ahead and spend your money, but for the rest of us with limited means for this hobby I think it is very useful to check before spending the money.

Originally Posted by Nisbeth. I was just trying to correct what you wrote as I do not believe it was correct or accurate. I don't believe that DIY'ers should ignore how things are being designed by professionals, at least not without knowing the consequences. Also to clarify: My day job now is being an IT consultant for a brewery, so I have no commercial interest in being here whatsoever. If you check more user profile you can see I have been registered on diyaudio for more than 10 years now because I enjoy this as a hobby, not because there is any commercial interest for me at all.

PS: John, apologies for having to clutter up your thread with this stuff. Originally Posted by alant Dear Nisbeth, 1 For Diyer explanation, try to explain as simple as possible.

My explanation is simple and no secret. Oversized PSU is no harm and safety, but pay more money. For precise and advanced calculation, keep it as secret for your commercial use. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Resources saved on this page: MySQL User Name. Stay logged in? Mark Forums Read. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. View Public Profile.

Send a private message to john65b. Find More Posts by john65b. Send a private message to Nisbeth. Find More Posts by Nisbeth. Send a private message to alant Quote: Originally Posted by john65b alant - Please re read Nisbeth reply. Send a private message to pdul. Find More Posts by pdul. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. ICEpower A! WTB: Icepower ac or A. ICEPower modules for sale A. Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password?


ICEpower 250A 250W General purpose high quality audio amplifier

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Hey all, Got a quick question I am planning on building a PS for a pair of Icepower A modules. Is a full VA power supply justified for this stereo amp? I know its w 2. Charles V. The ASP power supply would be able to deliver all the current, but not indefinitely.



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