The Amazon reviews are quite amazing for a sewing book and I tend to agree with the glowing reviews. The patterns are have enough details and character to make them really stand out. I've posted a couple of the things I've made from the book. Each item I've made from this book has quickly become a favorite for it's owner. It's a double layered, elastic waist skirt with many suggested variations. I chose to do this one up "fancy" for my little fancy girl.

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I finally finished all three Insa Skirts! My favorite thing about this pattern is the versatility. There are four gores on the overskirt and four on the underskirt. You can do any mix and match of fabrics to achieve different looks.

I collaborated with my girls on the looks of their skirts, but because I ordered many different fabrics and not a lot of each there was a limit to what we could do. My oldest used one fabric on the overskirt and two on the underskirt. My middle girl used one fabric on the overskirt and one on the underskirt and my youngest used four fabrics, with blues on top and pinks under.

You could also use trims and elastic to achieve different looks, but these were to be simple summer skirts. The drop waistband is another area that is fully customizable but may not be seen when wearing a long shirt the bottom photo shows the waistbands. The pattern is quite easy to put together. The most time-consuming part is zigzagging the many edges of each of the gores. I would say it is a beginners pattern for those who have made a few garments before.

The reason I say that is because it is a bit difficult to figure out how much fabric you need assuming you are using many for all the different gores and there is no layout guide.

For example, my 4-year-old is a size 18 months for this pattern. It is important to look only at the measurements and not the sizes. I have seen some reviews that the sizes in this book run small, but I did not have any problems with their fittings. I did have trouble with the hems, they are far less than perfect with some puckering. I may add trim the next time I make these to avoid the dreaded rolled hem.

The fabric is voile from the Haven's Edge collection by Tina Givens. It is the perfect weight and drape for a hot and humid summer. These fabrics are the kind that are even more beautiful "in real life" than on the screen. The patterns have a beautiful movement to them. The girls chose this collection of fabrics themselves. I absolutely plan to make these again in fall with heavier fabric.

They could also be made quite fancy for holiday skirts as well.


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