It may seem like only chaos and pain have surrounded us recently. When we turn down the noise, our vision becomes clearer, and we see the power of the majority and the capability of one in all of their awesomeness. So attractive! Surely, these wonderful colours are so for a reason. To guide us with what to eat? Maybe we dont need to understand all the scienece.

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It seems like living not on earth neither on sky, but somewhere in between. Constantly moving from place to place happen to be my world now. After brilliant calmness in Iceland, now I feel a bit overwhelmed by lifestyle where there is no place to call home. So in order to get some balance, I try to find some home in every place I stay. Catalonia is a place with the best food, — Anthony claims, and after this trip I feel strong to agree with that. Happy to share with you some moments and best food places from our trip.

Spain is crazy about them. What kind of tapas they ate? Patatas bravas cubes of fried potatoes ; pa amb tomaquet bread with tomatoes ; croquettes, calcots fried onions and many more.

Here are the places where we found the best:. And the tastiest. We tried here: fritto misto fried sea food in a cone ; mix of jambon iberico and mantego cheese also in a cone ; mix of fruits; torreznos fried rashers of bacon.

All of them I would strongly recommend to try. But casual suroundings hide something really special. We tried two fried eggs with baby squids as I heard recomendations about it from so many people. Taste was full of quality yet made so simply. First evening we had our tapas and unexpectedly big glasses of sangria filled here.

Patatas bravas, pa amb tomaquet bread with tomatoes ; croquettes; salmon sashimi exceeded expectations. SENSI tapas. We were looking for appropriate paella place and accidentally find this tapas place, which had these amazing reviews and god, thank you — paella.

As we lived near Sagrada Familia I assumed I heard about nice xurreria just near there. Yet as the name suggest It was overly turistic and the quality was quite average. Happy me, we found very good place for churros at the very last day.

They make churros freshly, so I finally get that satisfing crispy taste and a nicest hot chocolate. The two of them are something you will find at almost every bar.

Cava you can call a Spanish cousin of french champagne made the same way, but with a different grapes. One glass and you a ready for the night of deep sleeping, in my case. Simple coffee comes with an unusually small cup, but the coffee is just perfect so you cannot be sad. Being scared of big white clouds on a coffee, I almost always ordered coffee with milk, except some specialty coffee houses. The coffee and local people around indeed gave the ultimate satisfaction. Pastry was nothing that special, more like a buttermilk bun, but something I did liked was their palmier cookies as they call it: palmeritas.

Something I was also happy about, were their sampler size pastries. Or it tasted so good because of a crazy running to the plane ahead of time. In these new homes I was alive on tapas, churros and drinks. And once you get in their shoes, life gets so slow and so blissful. II dalis spalio 28, Restoranas ESSE. Barcelona; tapas; la boqueria breakfast cava churros coffee dibar cafe dinner eat el quim empanada granier lokal bar lunch pa amb tomaquet pastries patatas bravas place to drink place to eat sangria sensi tapas spain where to eat xurreria manuel san roman xurreria sagrada familia.

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Marvelous Barcelona: it’s all about tapas, churros & Cava

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