Grant, Kenneth [Kenneth Grant 23 May - 15 January was an English ceremonial magician and prominent advocate of the Thelemic religion. A poet, novelist, and writer, he founded his own Thelemic organisation, the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis - later renamed the Typhonian Order - with his wife Steffi Grant]. Published by Published by Frederick Muller Ltd. London Seller Rating:. First edition hard back binding in publisher's original black cloth covers, silver title and author lettering to the spine.

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Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Kenneth Grant- Nightside Of Eden. Uploaded by pakineiman. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Sep 12, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. I therefore reiterate the fact thatthe Mysteries, the true Gnoris, are of a predominantly paycho- sexual nature.

I have merely made avaiable — pechaps for the first time in so plain manner — knowledge which has hitherto been occult, i. The safeguards are both automatic and fool proof. It is the task of an Initiate who represents a particular magical Order, to develop the work of his predecessor. In the present instance that Order ie the O. This applies with particular cogency in the sphere of magical initiation as evolved in Orders such at the O.

Crowley did not alter that structure although he revised the rituals of the lower degrees of the Order after he had been charged. Fine pedo The Bano, No Landa, The new O-T0. Tis advance in types is abstruse for discussion here; it has beenexplained in my trilogy, developed in the present book, and mentioned here in order to refute certain crtciems of the new O. Now, however in this Aeon of Horus, which is the Aeon of the Etemal Child life and death are seen as com- tinuous phenomena, or as Day and Night in the process of, Selfenlightenment.

The seeds of it existed in Crowley's inpired writings, but he personally seemed unable to conceive a system of initiation outside the framework postulated by freemasonry. Il, No. Te wat therefore left to the present writer to carry the new scheme forward, and this he has been doing forthe part 28 years. It is hoped that the function of the newly organized Order will now finally have been clarified, Special thanks and acknowledgements are due to Mr.

Michael Magee, for supporting the work of the 0. John Symonds for allowing me the we of Crowley's writings. Finally, T wish to thank the following artists who have generously permitted the inclusion of their drawings or Paintings: Steffi Grant, Margaret Cook, Janice R. Oceultsm in the West, however, has been dominated by interpretations that take into account only the positive aspect of this great symbol.

But there is no. But do those who speak so gibly of enlightenment, and who brush aside with apparent exe the averse sides of the powerzones with which they boast familiarity, do they really imagine that one side only exists? It is futile and false toimagine a coin with one side only It is only after mastering the world of shadows within himself in the form of the ach-demons, anger, lust, and pride, that man may truly claim to be Lord of the Shining Wheels or Discs! Tam fully aware that the averse regions of the power zones are dangerous territory, and at the outset I would remind those who feel that such an exploration had better not be made that one cannot begin this intition, or journey inward, as one begins one's ascent from Malkuth,?

The Ten Sephiroth repreient the emergence from the Ain the Nothingness whichis beyond Unity via the scale of the numbers one to nine, of the Divine Vibration, and its return again to the Void nia Malkwth where Unity 1 becomes Nought 0 aguin, Dring the course of the development of occult scence the numbers one to ten came to signify centres or zones of cosmic power, and in order to bring thei nature within ange of human comprehension they were allotted various planetary representative.

When applied tothe miero- comm the world of human consciourness Pluto represents the pylon at the gates of the sanctuary of Inner Space. Kether, the Crown of the System in the Outer and in the Inner, is thus equivalent to the Height and Depth of physical and psychological space. It is essential to grasp ths fact in order to understand why Malkuth the tenth and fina sephira, Js equivalent to that which, for want of a better term, may be indicated by the term anti-matter.

Yee the concept of Samsara isnot, strictly speaking, confined to Malkuth, for all the other Sephiroth up to and including Kether form part of it; in other words, tiey are all concepts and therefore objectvisations of subjectivity.

As fobject they are illusory, for in eubjectiviy alone 1S, and the nature of its being is NOT. But, as an approximate analogy it is useful because it brings otiental doctrine into ligament with the Westem Occult Tradition. See diagram of Tree. It is evidext that no hhuman being, however advanced he may be towards the attainment of cosmic consciousness, can transcend Kether and explore the trans platonic voids ctherin the outer spaces fof the physical universe of in the inner spaces of his own inscrutable individuality.

To do so would imply that he had aquitted altogether and forever the realm of human conscious: fess, perhaps to become one with God, for, whatever that term may mean the state which it implies can have no poe sible meaning within the framework of dualistic experience, and is therefore without the scope ofthe present enquiry.

To go astray in this Desert of Set is to become what is known as a Black Brother. His fate is perhaps unique. In one aspect it isthe child of Chokmah and Binah; in another, itis the Eighth Head of the Stooping Dragon, raised up when the Tree of Life was shattered and Macroprotopus set flaming sword against Microprosopus. Neptune, as Chokmah, is a form of Hadit, and Satur, at Binah, isa form of Nuit This knowledge, there- fore, is the knowledge of Life which is also the knowledge of Death, and, ar such, i suggests the sexual nature of its formula.

In consequence it was con- sidered to be the eleventh sephiva. This centre represents speech, bbut the Word in its occult sense of the True Voice Ma Kheru may be uttered only by a Magus, whose natural provenance iz the second sephira, Chokmah, assigned to Hadit. The II Goo and the 11 eleven thus meet in Daith, the sphere of knowledge, for knowledge is possible only where duality so; duo, Tl prevails. These two — subject and object — unite, and their union causes change, which isthe formula of magick.

Its image appears in the mirrorworld!? The cynocephalus or oghheaded ape utters the Word of the Magus. Hadit- Chokmah in revere, Frater Achad had an inkling of these mysteries and it led him to enunciate his Formula of Reversion.! Then the Ape of Thoth mocks them 3s they struggle to extricate themselves from a swiftly accelerat- ing reversion of consciousness that finally hurls them into oblivion, Such isthe fate peculiar to Adepts who, nurturing their animal propensities while inthe abyss assume the form of beasts!

We may in this way formulate not only an fantiworld or zone of antimatter, but also a zone of ant spirit represented by Kether inverted behind Malkuth. Rather let us use the idea of them at a springboard which may launch us Jnto inner spaces of consciousness that comport, each in their tum, the hell? The hal are mentioned hereto show the unity ofthe ealest arcana and thelr existence aa period tnully considered to have ante-dated, by vast cycles of time, the later and derivate of metaphysical mystre.

Here, as laewhere, the Mysteren were physical tft andasumed the metaphysical vels of the Arcane Traditions as the pheyCial ths became obscured and forgotten by all but the few.

In ancient times the word of spirits was everywhere acknowledged because It was matter of direct experience tnd open to all but the mos insensitive The world of spits teas a familiar to primitive man as is the dream wold to Tmodem man.

From it alone can manifestation proceed. Bat the first delty was a goddess, the Mother, and her child was her symbol. The child, being of either sex, came to be the symbol of neither, a neuter being which gave its name to deity in ancient Egyptian a muter or neter — the gods; the neutral potential of positive and negative creation, male and female.

The ox, Iter equated with Aleph in the symbolism of the Jews, continues this type of sexlessness characteristic of the calf or child. In the second letter, B or Beth, we therefore discem the alyph of the biune god who is both Beth male and female, Yet, being s0, vas neither the one nor the other, but the androgyne or hermaphrodite. This crossing is enacted by man viz the mechanics of sexual magick, which aims at bringing hhumanity into conscious intercourse with entity behind the Veil.

The cross and the crossing are of prime importance in the formula of initiation, for they reflect the cosmie process cof manifestation from non-manifestation. HE, the number five represents total manifestationst i the slyph of Woman par excellence. Her full formula it 18 3x3. Here it sufices to draw attention to the identity of the Hand as a figure of five , and the Eye, a the illuminator of the Void.

These two magical instruments ae primary in Austin O. That ito say, the star Rhabs is of five rays hala which enclose, at do the five petals of a flower, its central circle. The citce is red Decause it symbolizes the blood-ycle characteristic of the female in her lunar phase. The five halas concentate and reify the sixth or creative energy that abides in the heart of the flower as the child in the woman.

In rt Slmment to capi 87, Cowley. This symbolism resumes the active and dynamic aspect ofthe Sig of Set explained in connection withthe letter Zain, for the Nile deluge symbolizes the womb-flood that pours forth and threatens the life ofthe solarphallc eed. But the ymbolism has also a profounder meaning. In Crowley's interpretation of the Atus of Thoth, Teth combines the lion, the woman, and the serpent, in one glyph that constitutes the eleventh key of the Tarot.

Owing to change in the sequence of the Keys of the Major Arcana? This eaused a corresponding transposition of the letter Lamed and Teth. This demonstrates the ultimate identity of the Bye and the Hand. The later, being the instrument of the holder, container, or womb, isan ideogram of the aumber 5 and hence of the female. But the rymbolism of the hand od in the later or post-Typhonian cults was attibuted to the solarphallic teed represented by the drop, point, dot, bindu, oF spermatozoon.

Itisin this oblique dimension that exist the six leters Kaph to Pe wich torm, with the primal ten, the 16 yecret Aalas of the Ophidian Gurtent. This identification of consciousness with ego it iusory and thereby the Principle of Consciousnew is veiled.

It is thus that the pheaomenal world the world of appearances is represented t us as Malkuth. The presence of Kether in Malkuth? This glamour engenders sentience which bewilders and drowns the Self in delusion. Kether is the infinitesimal point in spacetime at Which Absence of Light becomes its Presence by tuming the Void Ain inside out. Jn the microcosm this Light manifests as the light of consciousness that illumines form.

It is the light by which, and in which, a thought can be visualized in the darkness of the mind; as dreams appear in the darkness of sleep. In the celestial sphere, consciousness manifests as physical ight, the sun, In the mineral kingdom it manifests as gold Biologically considered it is the phallus which perpetuates the seed of light consciousness in the animal kingdom.

Darkness is absence of ight, an absence that makes possible the presence of all that appears to be.


Nightside of Eden

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Kenneth Grant- Nightside Of Eden.pdf

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Nightside Eden by Kenneth Grant, First Edition

A poet, novelist, and writer, he founded his own Thelemic organisation, the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis —later renamed the Typhonian Order—with his wife Steffi Grant. Born in Ilford , Essex , Grant developed an interest in occultism and Asian religion during his teenage years. After several months serving in India with the British Army during the Second World War , he returned to Britain and became the personal secretary of Aleister Crowley , the ceremonial magician who had founded Thelema in Crowley instructed Grant in his esoteric practices and initiated him into his own occult order, the Ordo Templi Orientis O. When Crowley died in , Grant was seen as his heir apparent in Britain, and was appointed as such by the American head of the O.

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