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Quick Links. Download this manual. KLN 90B. Table of Contents. Page 2 AlliedSignal, Inc. Page 6 3. Page 7 5. You will be amazed at all A good pilot never relies on just one source of naviga- of the navigational and other aeronautical functions that tion for either VFR or IFR flying. But just to get an idea of VFR only operation, a VFR only warning page is how easy the KLN 90B is to operate, the following oper- diplayed after the self test page has been ational preview is presented.

The database may also be updated by removing the obsolete cartridge and replacing it with a current one. A database is an area of electronic memory used to store a large cat- alog of navigational and aeronautical information. Page 14 only for airports in the primary area of the database. The new update may be installed any In order to use this update method you must have access to an IBM compatible computer having a disk drive capa- ble of using and booting loading from 3.

Page 17 3. Turn on the computer being used for the database update. Page 18 8. The KLN 90B and the mounting rack have been designed to provide for easy removal. Follow these steps to update the database cartridge. Page User Defined Database 8. The container which was used to ship the new car- tridge to you is used to return the old cartridge back to AlliedSignal. A return shipping label is included in the container.

Remove the backing from the label and place it in the address position of the shipping container. In this chapter you will learn the sent position direct to your desired location.

The Turn-On page will be displayed for a few sec- onds figure Page 26 The distance field DIS always displays Page 27 The KLN 90B needs to have the correct time, date, and position to be able to determine which satellites should be in view. This information is stored in the battery backed memory of the KLN 90B so it is not normally required to update it. Page 29 9. Page Display Format 3. The display screen is divided into segments.

These seg- ments are formed by horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. Most of the time there are five segments as shown in figure Page 32 pages, all having the same page number, used to present KMKC all of the required information. That is, all of the informa- APR The KLN 90B has five knobs and seven buttons which are used to perform all operations.

In general, the two concentric knobs and the cursor button C located on the left side of the unit are used to select pages and enter data on the left side of the screen.

Page Page Selection 3. NOTE: The cursor function, which is controlled by the left and right C cursor buttons, is not used in selecting pages and the C buttons should not be pressed at this time.

There are, however, a couple of differences. First, the page types are different for the right side except for NAV. The Navigation pages are identical on both sides of the screen. Page Data Entry 3. It is kt kt necessary to enter data, for example, in order to specify a FF: Page Message Page 3.

Page 40 1. Next, turn the left inner knob until the SET 1 page is selected figure Page Selecting Waypoints 3. Waypoints in the pub- lished database those in the cartridge fall into one of the first four types. Remember that you can create up to of your own waypoints which you may designate as one of the first four types or you may designate it as a supple- mental waypoint which simply means that it is a miscella The complete list contains all of the waypoints in the database for a waypoint type all the air- ports for example.

If HRD SFT is chosen, then both hard and soft surface runways meeting the required runway length will be included in the nearest airport list. If HRD is chosen, then only hard surface runways will be included. However, if you continue to fly along your flight plan with this page selected, the same airport will be displayed and its posi- tion in the nearest airport list will change from NR 1 to NR 2, NR 3, NR Page 47 4.

Turn the right outer knob one step clockwise and then Page 48 Page Direct To Operation 3. When D is pressed, the Direct To page will be KDEN displayed on the left side with a flashing cursor over a waypoint identifier figure Page Direct To-Procedure 1 3. Press D. The Direct To page is displayed on the left side figure The cursor will already be on the left page. If Page The Navigation 3. Unlike any other pages, these pages may be selected and viewed on both the left and right sides of the screen.

The procedure for selecting specific pages, including the NAV pages, was described in section 3. Page The Super Nav 1 Page 3. Page The Navigation 4 Page Nav 4 3. The opera- ft tion of altitude alerting is described in section 3. Page 57 knob to display N? The heading up selection is not presented as a choice if heading is not provided to the KLN 90B.

Page The Super Nav 5 Page 3. The Super NAV 5 page provides you with a true moving map display of your present position and route of flight in relation to nearby navaids and airports. Page 59 Like the NAV 5 page, the Super NAV 5 page shows a graphics depiction of the direct to waypoint or the way- points making up the active flight plan. But surprise num- ber one is that the Super NAV 5 page shows alphanu- meric waypoint identifiers on the graphics display to make orientation even easier for you.

Page 60 The last surprise for this page is that it is possible for you to change the active waypoint to any of the flight plan waypoints without having to leave this very useful page. This is done by pulling on the right inner knob to place it 9.

Page Special Use Airspace Alert 3. Page Viewing The Waypoint 3. You will now see what information may be displayed for each of the waypoint types airport, VOR, NDB, intersec- tion, and supplemental.

Page The Airport 2 Page Apt 2 3. An arrow precedes the identifier if it ELV ft is the active waypoint. Page The Airport 4 Page Apt 4 3.

An arrow precedes the identifier if it APT[4 is the active waypoint. Airports which have APR Page The Airport 5 Page Apt 5 3. These remarks might include informa- tion on lodging, dining, airport services, or anything else you desire to record for later use. Up to airports may contain these remarks. Page The Airport 6 Page Apt 6 3. These services include customs, fuel, JET and oxygen availability as well as an indicator to denote the presence of a landing fee.

Refer to figure Page The Airport 7 Page Apt 7 3. Page The Ndb Page 3. Press E to approve the waypoint page. The DIS: 3. In addition, the KLN 90B contains an internal battery powered calendar clock to keep system time and date when the unit is not being used. Select the SET 2 page on the left side.

Page Altitude Alerting 3.


KLN 90B Manual

Example avionics. Despite it's age, it's still a very sophisticated device with many features. The KLN 90B can store up to 26 flight plans, which can be automatically flown by the autopilot. Advanced features include VNAV advisory calculations, custom user waypoints, non-precision approaches and a moving map. A unique feature of the KLN 90B is the split screen. The pilot may choose any combination of pages to be shown at once.

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Honeywell KLN 90B GPS Abbreviated Operation Manual


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