Quick Links. Download this manual. Kodak EasyShare. Table of Contents. Kodak easyshare cx digital camera user's guide 56 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Kodak EasyShare. Table of Contents. Kodak easyshare cx digital camera user's guide 56 pages. Page 7 4 Installing the software Contents may change without notice. Otherwise, the software may install incorrectly. See the Start Here! For acceptable battery life, and to make sure your camera operates dependably, use the replacement batteries listed above.

Kodak 3-volt AC adapter—powers your camera. NOTE: Depending on your computer operating system, Kodak EasyShare software may let your computer update the camera clock when you connect the camera. See the EasyShare software Help for details.

Page Checking Camera And Picture Status Checking camera and picture status The icons that appear on the camera screen indicate the active camera and picture settings.

Open the card door. See descriptions. The camera screen displays the mode name and description. To interrupt the description, press any button.

Press the OK button to turn on the camera screen. Automatically sets exposure, focus, and flash. Subjects that are in motion. Shutter speed is fast.

Night scenes or low-light conditions. Place the camera on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod. Framing marks To make the camera screen turn on whenever the camera is on, see page Taking pictures and videos 1 Turn the Mode dial to any Still position. Page 18 Taking pictures and videos Using the auto-focus framing marks When using the camera screen as a viewfinder, framing marks indicate where the camera is focusing.

For the best possible pictures, the camera attempts to focus on foreground subjects, even if the subjects are not centered in the scene. Page Reviewing The Picture Or Video Just Taken Reviewing the picture or video just taken After you take a picture or video, the camera screen displays a Quickview for approximately 5 seconds. Optical zoom is effective when the lens is no closer than You can change optical zoom before but not during video recording.

Page Using The Flash Using the flash Use the flash when you take pictures at night, indoors, or outdoors in heavy shadows. You can change the flash setting in any Still mode; the default flash setting is restored when you exit the mode or turn off the camera. Wide Angle Page Flash Settings In Each Mode Taking pictures and videos Flash settings in each mode For the best possible pictures, flash settings are preset for each capture mode.

Available flash To return to the settings Page Putting Yourself In The Picture Putting yourself in the picture The Self Timer creates a second delay between the time you press the Shutter button and the time the picture is taken.

Page Taking A Burst Series Of Pictures Taking pictures and videos Taking a burst series of pictures Burst lets you to take up to 3 pictures in quick succession approximately 3 frames per second. Burst is ideal for capturing sporting events or objects in motion. Flash and Self Timer are disabled when you use Burst. Turn on burst Burst Burst Also for printing up to 11 x 14 in. This setting remains until you turn the Mode dial or turn off the camera. Set Album Choose Album names.

Date Stamp Imprint the date on pictures. Orientation Sensor Orient pictures so that they are displayed with the correct side up. Page 28 Taking pictures and videos Setting Video Out Choose the regional setting that lets you connect the camera to a television or other external device. Removing a card during formatting may damage the card. Then copy up to 32 album names to the album name list the next time you connect the camera to the computer.

See Kodak EasyShare software Help for details. Page Reviewing Pictures And Videos Reviewing pictures and videos Press the Review button to view and work with your pictures and videos. See www. Viewing single pictures and videos 1 Press the Review button. In Multi-up view, highlight a video, then press the OK button.

When a video is highlighted in Multi-up view, the video duration is displayed at the top of the camera screen. Page Changing Optional Review Settings Reviewing pictures and videos Changing optional review settings In Review mode, press the Menu button to access optional review settings. Page Running A Slide Show Third—transfer to your computer When you transfer the tagged pictures and videos to your computer, the Kodak EasyShare software opens and categorizes your pictures and videos in the appropriate album folder.

Running a slide show Use the Slide Show to display your pictures and videos on the camera screen. You can increase the display interval up to 60 seconds.

To scroll through the seconds quickly, press and hold 3 Press the OK button. Page Copying Pictures And Videos Reviewing pictures and videos Copying pictures and videos You can copy pictures and videos from a card to internal memory or from internal memory to a card.

Before you copy, make sure that: A card is inserted in the camera. Mac OS X version Page Install The Software Install the software 1 Close all software applications that are open on your computer including anti-virus software.

In a burst series, only the last picture is tagged during Quickview. Cancel Prints is not available in Quickview. Printing tagged pictures When you transfer the tagged pictures to your computer, the Kodak EasyShare software print screen opens. For more information on printing from your computer, printer dock, or card, page NOTE: For the best 4 x 6 in.

Page Tagging Pictures And Videos As Favorites Using favorites on your computer When you transfer Favorite pictures and videos to your computer, you can use Kodak EasyShare software to retrieve, organize, and label them by subject, date, event, or any category you choose. Also available for transferring You can also use these Kodak products to transfer your pictures and videos. Ordering prints online Kodak EasyShare print service provided by Ofoto www.

Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When you have questions about your camera, start here. For updates to Troubleshooting information, see www. Camera problems If Replace or recharge the red and camera turns batteries off. Still having problems? Visit www. Telephone customer support If you have questions concerning the operation of the software or camera, you may speak with a customer support representative. Page Appendix Appendix Camera specifications For more specifications, visit www.

You may be able to store more or fewer pictures and videos. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Page Upgrading Your Software And Firmware Appendix Upgrading your software and firmware Download the latest versions of the software included on the Kodak EasyShare software CD and the camera firmware the software that runs on the camera. Page 59 memory inserting card , 7 storage capacities , 47 menu button , ii menu button , ii microphone , i mode dial , ii , 9 modes auto , 9 close-up , 9 landscape , 9 night , 9 night , 9 Ni-MH rechargeable battery expected life , 3 OK button , Page 61 , 49 URLs, Kodak web sites , 42 USB universal serial bus connection location , iii transferring pictures , 36 video out , 21 videos checking settings , 6 , 7 copying , 29 deleting , This manual is also suitable for: Easyshare cx Print page 1 Print document 61 pages.

Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Kodak CX7330 Digital Camera User Manual

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Kodak EASYSHARE CX7330 user manual



Kodak CX7330 User Manual


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