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Welcome to Vlad's Gadgets! This site is under construction. Soon, there will be all sorts of interesting stories about gadgets I have bought.

I am still around and the online gadgets continue to accumulate, with over 60 reviews pending. I have been distracted by outside business and other affairs. These aren't going to…. This is an exercise bike with a folding frame, designed to be easy to set up and put away when you're not using it.

If you are short of space…. The Bosch DLE 70 is a portable laser rangefinder distance measurement device. You use it like a laser pointer to mark any target object whose distance you want to measure,…. Bosch IXO 3. It is shaped like a cute little mini-raygun from a 's sci-fi movie and is very comfortable to hold….

You can receive it on any FM radio on 7 selectable channels. Unlike other transmitters designed for cars, it is battery powered and this works in your home, outdoors and when carried around. It uses a PLL to ensure a stable transmitting frequency.

I hosted a dinner party some time ago, and I planned to screen a movie using my laptop and a borrowed LCD projector.

I needed to get the audio from my laptop to my Hi-Fi system, so we could hear the movie soundtrack on my wall-mounted speakers. I visited the local electronics store and purchased a battery-powered FM transmitter that was designed for transmitting from a CD or MP3 player to a car radio. To my shock, when I tried it at home, the sound quality was really bad.

From more than 2 metres away, the received sound was noisy with lots of static. I exchanged it for another model, also designed for cars, and got a similar result. Naturally, it was time to consult google. I located it on eBay, sold by a person in the UK.

Stable Frequency This device was designed to be extra-stable, as it uses a PLL Phase-Locked Loop circuit to ensure that it maintains a constant transmitting frequency. When I held it in my hand and moved it around, it kept working well. Can select 7 frequencies on the FM band It has three DIP switches on the side that let you choose between 7 frequencies — This makes it easier to find a free spot on the FM band of your radio that is not being used by a local radio station.

Long battery life It takes three AA batteries and provides up to hours of battery life. High audio bandwidth It transmits on FM stereo with a full audio bandwidth of 30Hz — 15Khz, which results in a higher quality sound — less than CD quality, but very good for FM radio.

The FM transmitter has a standard 3. You simply connect it to the output of a mp3 player, CD player, musical instrument or any audio device. You then press the power button on the front. Connecting XLR microphones to the 3. This is an adapter consisting of a 3-pin male XLR socket at one end, and a 3. It converts the low impedance microphone signal to a high impedance signals appropriate for connecting to a computer line-in socket or the LineX Stereo FM transmitter.

Tuning it in on your FM Radio Before turning it on, scan the FM band on your radio across all the supported transmitter frequencies, This means that there is no radio station transmitting on that frequency. Here in Sydney, this is hard to find because we have lots of FM stations, but you are likely to find at least one of the above channels free.

Antenna orientation for maximum range For maximum range, make sure that the antenna of the LineX Stereo FM transmitter has the same orientation as the antenna of your FM receiver. If you let the antenna wire lie flat on a table, then the antenna of your FM radio should also be horizontal.

This is to ensure that the correct polarization of the signal is maintained. Playing music from my dinner table Before I made my own mini music studio, I used to jam on my synth keyboard on the dining table and listen to it on my Hi-Fi.

Even if I did, there were many people there and it would have created a safety hazard if someone tripped over it. This worked perfectly. Vlad's Gadgets What will he buy next? Where is Vlad? Enter your email address:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Most Viewed.


Linex FM transmitter review

I got mine for my iPod as well. It is adequate, but not powerful. It works well at home but I have to get the antenna in the right position. It has 7 different frequencies it can play on at the high end of the FM dial but only a couple of those work well for me because there are 3 or 4 radio stations at those frequencies. I play it at home through my stereo so that I can control the volume, pause, and skip songs with the iPod close by, essentially using the iPod as a remote control. But it worked for the most part.


LineX FM Transmitter

Welcome to Vlad's Gadgets! This site is under construction. Soon, there will be all sorts of interesting stories about gadgets I have bought. I am still around and the online gadgets continue to accumulate, with over 60 reviews pending. I have been distracted by outside business and other affairs.


The Mind Factory is proud to unveil one of its newest masterpieces! With the simplest installation you have ever seen! Connect this device to your USB port, select the desired frequency to transmit on one of 7 available and your done! One single wire! Plug and play has never been easier! The digital audio is streamed over the USB link into the transmitter and then converted to analog audio for transmission once it gets to the transmitter! Thus allowing for the simplest installation ever!



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