Thermoplastic composite parts manufacture at Du Pont. Low-cost routes to the manufacture of complex shaped composite parts have been defined using metal forming techniques and Du Pont 's long discontinuous fiber LDF Technology. These manufacturing techniques include roll forming, stretch forming, and press forming. Near equivalence between the static, dynamic, and damage tolerance properties of LDF and continuous fiber composites have been demonstrated. Several examples are cited which demonstrate the potential for this technology to significantly reduce the cost of aerospace components. Sustainable growth, the Du Pont way.

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Use of Shih in Chinese Operational Art. These include leaders seeking to manipulate context, build troop morale through context, use an indirect approach, and exploit propensity within a These include leaders seeking to manipulate context, build troop morale Army War College, , ix-x; William H.

A case of gastrinoma in a Shih -Tzu dog. A five-year-old male Shih -Tzu dog presented with severe vomiting and weight loss. The clinical signs were successfully improved by an eight-day treatment with an H 2 -receptor antagonist, gastrointestinal protectant and antibiotics.

Ten days later, however, recurrence of vomiting was seen despite continuous medical treatment. Based on clinical signs and the results of various diagnostic tests including CBC, biochemical analysis, contrast radiography, and endoscopy, a duodenal or pancreatic neoplasm was suspected and exploratory laparotomy was conducted.

Some swollen pancreatic regions were found, and biopsy of the pancreas indicated the diagnosis of a gastrin-secreting tumor. Consequently, based on a high serum gastrin level as well as clinical signs and immunohistological findings, we diagnosed the disease as canine gastrinoma, a rare tumor of the pancreas.

Changes in activity for 1. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Intussusception is a common surgical disorder in puppies. Double intussusception DI however, is an extremely rare form of this pathology. The authors report a case of a 3-month-old, Shih -Tzu puppy referred to Veterinary Medical Center of Chungbuk National University, Korea with symptoms of abdominal discomfort, intermittent vomiting and bloody diarrhea for 5 days.

The surgical intervention confirmed it to be an ileocecal DI in ascending colon. The three objectives of this study are: 1 to explore the Cross-Strait students' motives for selecting the course; 2 to examine the students' accommodation condition before and after completing the course; 3 to discuss the student's level of satisfaction of the course.

This study uses qualitative data from case study interviews conducted in the second year of the project based on the research focus of the Cross-Strait students' motivation and satisfaction of the course. The research analysis tools are content analysis and theory triangulation.

The findings are: 1 Cross-Strait students are motivated by their curiosity about the course, interest in the contents, and willingness to experience the novelty of distance learning to select the course; 2 the results of Cross-Strait students' accommodation condition are correlated to their interactions with the professor, the familiarity with the materials, the quality of the communication equipment, and the clarity of the images; 3 Cross-Strait students all accept the method of synchronous distance learning; 4 the quality of communication equipment has the lowest level of satisfaction.

Background Fear of falling is an important risk indicator for adverse health related outcomes in older adults.

However, factors associated with fear of falling among community-dwelling older adults are not well-explored. Objectives To explore the quality of life and associated factors in fear of falling among older people in the Shih -Pai area in Taiwan.

Methods This community-based survey recruited three thousand eight hundred and twenty-four older adults aged? The measurements inc Research materials: because of the large distance between these medieval Chinggisid powers, internecine strife between the houses of the Jochids and Toluids, armed conflicts between Arik-Boke and Kublai and due to the fact that the rulers of the Jochid ulus supported Arik-Boke, their state became independent from the Great Mongol Empire.

Later on, long-term military conflicts and political turmoil interrupted communication between Sarai and Khanbalik. The Jochid ulus and the Yuan dynasty conducted their own foreign policies. However, communication between them was not interrupted and some information from the Golden Horde still fall in Chinese chronicles.

This written source contains some materials although in fragments revealing the nature of the relations between the Yuan Dynasty and the Golden Horde. At the same time, their proportion was significant both in the composition of commanding staff, as well as among ordinary soldiers. However, the source does not contain any information about the conditions under which these warriors arrived in China as well as about the routes they were moving.

It is indisputable fact that they were sent to the Far East from the Jochid ulus during the highest power of this state in the reign of khan Uzbek. Full Text Available Fear of falling is an important risk indicator for adverse health related outcomes in older adults. To explore the quality of life and associated factors in fear of falling among older people in the Shih -Pai area in Taiwan. The measurements included a structured questionnaire, including quality of life by using Short-Form 36, and information of fear of falling, fall history, demographics, medical conditions, insomnia, sleep quality, depression and subjective health through face-to-face interviews.

A total of The rate of fear of falling was higher in female subjects. Subjects with fear of falling had lower Short Form scores both for men and women. Falls in the previous year, older age, insomnia, depression and worse subjective health were correlates of fear of falling for both sexes. Male-specific associations with fear of falling were the accessibility of medical help in an emergency, diabetes mellitus and stroke.

In parallel, cardiovascular diseases were a female-specific correlate for fear of falling. Fear of falling is prevalent among community-dwelling older adults. It is seems that there are gender differences in fear of falling with respect to the prevalence and associated factors in older adults. Gender differences should be considered when planning prevention and intervention strategies for fear of falling among older people. Full Text Available Traditionally, the teaching of history course mostly utilizes face to face instruction and oral presentation.

Along with the development of educational technology, the teaching methods could be more various such as using internet and multimedia. Literature reviews also indicate that using internet and multimedia may improve the effect of learning and teaching. This paper explores the development of a web-based instructional system for the course of Taiwanese History at Shih Hsin University. The content of the web-site includes instructional materials such as animations, videos, pictures, texts, historical maps, and so on.

The developmental methods used in this project use curriculum design, survey, interview, review of literatures and focus group discussion. Full Text Available To investigate the interaction effects of diabetes and hypertension on stroke, and also investigate the independent and interaction effects of parental history and environmental factors on diabetes and hypertension in a cross-sectional elderly population.

Socio-demographic and clinical data of subjects aged 65 years and older were collected by well-trained interviewers during home visits. Interaction effects were analyzed using Rothman's synergy index SI. In total, 4, subjects were included in the study, with 2, males and 1, females. A synergistic interaction was found for diabetes and hypertension in both sexes when parental history and being overweight were combined.

Furthermore, combining diabetes and hypertension in elderly women was significant in terms of the risk of stroke. Strategies to control risk factors in individuals at additional high risk are urgently needed. Correlates of self-report chronic insomnia disorders with month and 6-month durations in home-dwelling urban older adults - the Shih -Pai Sleep Study in Taiwan: a cross-sectional community study.

To examine the correlates of insomnia disorder with different durations in home-dwelling older adults. The shared correlates for both and 6-month insomnia disorders were gender women , depression and moderate pain. Pulmonary diseases were exclusively associated with month insomnia disorder OR: 2. In contrast, heart disease OR: 1.

The prevalence of persistent insomnia disorder is higher than short-term insomnia disorder. Correlates for less persistent and more persistent insomnia disorder appears to be partially different. Duration quantifiers may be important in the identification of the etiology of insomnia and further studies with follow-ups are needed to examine the order of developing insomnia disorder and associated conditions.

Promoting increased Chlorella sorokiniana Shih. Dec 31, Makkar and Becker, In view of the fact that. Chlorella biomass is much sought after for use as health food supplement and for biofuels among other uses, enhanced production Transient Fanconi syndrome with severe polyuria and polydipsia in a 4-year old Shih Tzu fed chicken jerky treats. Acquired Fanconi syndrome is characterized by inappropriate urinary loss of amino acids, bicarbonate, electrolytes, and water.

It has recently been described in dogs fed chicken jerky treats from China, a new differential diagnosis to the classical inciting infectious diseases e. A dog fed exclusively chicken jerky treats purchased in Switzerland was presented to our clinic with severe polyuria, polydipsia and profound electrolyte and acid base disturbances.

Other inciting causes of Fanconi syndrome were ruled out. The requirement of a very intensive supportive treatment in this dog stands in contrast to treatment of chronic forms of Fanconi syndrome as described in the Basenji. This intensive therapy and the associated monitoring can be a real challenge and a limiting factor for the prognosis of acquired Fanconi syndrome. Veterinarians should be aware of the risk of excessive feeding of chicken jerky treats.

The Use of the Yen as a Reserve Currency. The depreciation of the U. The yen has not assumed a greater role because sufficient yen instruments are unavailable. The measures that make the yen relatively illiquid result partly from public debt management policy and control over the competitive advantage of the government in securities issuance.

Deregulating markets and unfettering capital and resources are tied inextricably with cross-Strait politics. This paper will report the results of field research conducted among the Paiwan ethnic group, assessing actual and potential future changes affecting their individual families and communities.

Preliminary assessment indicates that official policies liberalizing visitation and trade between China and Taiwan have already affected the Paiwan communities.

Whether these changes become handicaps or opportunities depends on realistic evaluation, strategic planning, education, implementation, and periodic re-evaluation. This paper will contribute to the larger discussion of possible responses to the effects of inter-regional migration and transformations on minority societies by providing an assessment of current and potential conditions among the Paiwan of Taiwan.

Full Text Available The US dollar has kept as a position of key currency in the global economy in the changing international monetary system where the euro was introduced to some states of the EU in It is an evidence of inertia of the US dollar as a key currency. Our previous study Ogawa and Muto, b conducted empirical analysis to investigate effects of several events on inertia of the US dollar. One of our findings was that the introduction of the euro increased utility of euro while utility of US dollar was kept unchanged.

This paper examines the effects of the global financial crisis and the euro zone crisis as well as the introduction of the euro on the utility of the Japanese yen. The introduction of the euro significantly decreased the utility of the Japanese yen. It indicates that the introduction of the euro increased the utility of the euro while reducing the utility of the Japanese yen rather than the utility of the US dollar. The utility of the Japanese yen has significantly decreased while the global financial crisis and the euro zone crisis occurred.

The Japanese yen has a declining trend in terms of its utility over time in the changing international monetary system. Business plan for a startup: Yen Viet Company.


download do livro principios de economia - otto nogami?

Ou melhor, com a primeira parte dele. A elevada mortandade de empresas pode significar dinamismo da economia. Em alguns casos uma empresa mais azeitada, em outros uma empresa maior, que tem escala para cortar custos. A morte faz muito bem ao sistema. Mas morreu em , comprada por outra construtora. Tome-se o caso da Sadia, por exemplo.


Por que as empresas vivem tão pouco?






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