Introduction: QT interval prolongation is a common electrophysiological abnormality in patients with cirrhosis. As QT interval varies with the heart rate, many QT correction formulas have been proposed, the Bazett's one being the most criticized because it over-corrects the QT interval and may be misleading. This study focused on the QT-RR relationship in patients with cirrhosis to derive a population-specific QT correction formula. Methods: One hundred cirrhotic patients of different etiology and severity and 53 healthy controls comparable for age and sex were enrolled. Conclusion: Bazett's correction should be avoided in patients with cirrhosis because it still provides a rate-dependent QTc value and might be misleading, particularly when assessing the overall preoperative cardiac risk and the effect of drugs affecting the QT interval. In its place, our formula or that of Fridericia can be confidently employed.

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Urban planning exerts influences on environmental, social and economic system related with the city. Processes of land transformation and city growth determine radical changes in urban landscape morphology and as a consequence they affect air temperature and energy exchange. The urbanization can bear on local climate more intensively than the global warming does. This is due to the rapidity of human made changes related to natural ones.

The present work analyzes the state of the art of studies involved in studying urban climate anomalies — Urban Heat Islands UHI — in order to explore relationship between urban planning morphology and urban climate. The research aim wants to indentify how urban geometry can be related with climate alterations in order to provide guidelines for planners to frame urban form planning and environmental quality.

The case study is the city of Bari, located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, in Apulia, one of the regions in Italy. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide. Conference paper. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Zhao, C. Howard, L. Baldwin, London Google Scholar. Arnfield, A. Santamouris, M. Lowry, W. Stewart, I. Mirzaei, P. Gill, S. Auer, A. Akbari, H. Environmental Pollution Google Scholar.

Kim, J. Ellefsen, R. Oke, T. Davenport, A. In: Proc. Adolphe, L. Simonds, J. Eliasson, I. Pickett, S. Bridgman, H. Lillesand, T. Hook, S. Kealy, P. Gillespie, A. Moudon, A. Selicato, F. Rinner, C. Remote Sens. Polytechnic of Bari Bari Italy. Personalised recommendations.

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QT Interval Correction in Patients With Cirrhosis


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