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It offers a large amount of data sheet, You can free PDF files download. The updated every day, always provide the best quality and speed. Plastic Package. The TDA is a monolithic integrated circuit. Because of its wide operational range and high. V REF. September The TDA regulates, controls, and protects the.

Starting Behaviour. During the start-up, three consecutive operation. An internal reference voltage is built up which. Up to a supply voltage. Release of the internal reference voltage. This voltage is abruptly available when. Release of control logic. As soon as the. Thus, the IC is ready for operation. This start-up sequence is necessary to guarantee. Correct switching of. Normal Operation. Zero crossing of the feedback coil is registered at. At pin 3 regulation of input, overload, and standby.

The regulating amplifier. Together with the collector current simulation pin 4,. The simulation of the. By increasing the capacitance 10nF the. The extent of the regulation lies between a 2V. A reduction of the secondary load down to 20 watts. A further reduction of. At the same time the collector peak.

In the trigger the output level of the regulating. There is an. The output at pin 8 is blocked at a. Depending on the start-up circuit, the zero crossing. The base current amplifier. A current. Protective Measures. The base current shut-down, released by the con-. In the case of a short. IC continuouslymonitors the fault condition. With the load completely removed from the secon-. The total power consumption of. After having blocked the out-. Because of its wide operational range and high vol-tage stability even at high load changes, this IC can be used not only in TV receivers and video recorders but also in power supplies in Hi-Fi sets and active speakers.

PDF Datasheet ]. SparkFun Electronics. Allied Electronics DigiKey Electronics. Arrow Electronics Mouser Electronics. Chip One Stop. Siemens Semiconductor.


Fabian Enterprises Ltd MALTA


QJ71E71 100 PDF

TDA4601 SIL9



TDA4601 Datasheet PDF



5PCS TDA4601 SIP-9 Control ICs For Switched-Mode Power Supplies Electrical Equipment & Supplies


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