Describe with a suitable diagram, the structure and functions of a neuron. Critically discuss the Gestalt view of perception with special reference to the laws of organization. Describe with a schematic diagram, the Curve of forgetting. Critically discusses the interference theory of forgetting, and the theory of motivated forgetting. What is interest? How is it measured?

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A Belittled. B Benefited. C Troubled. D Irritated. A Tireless. B Indomitable. C Unhappy. D Incompatible. Replace the underlined word with a suitable word. The tranquillity and sanctity of the place soothed us. A Security. B Holiness. C Equanimity. D Placidity. To bungle is to. To regret is to be. My colleague has an officious nature. This is an ingenious device. She wore a garish necklace on imitation glass. You must overcome your diffidence if you intent to become a salesperson.

When the ship collided in the harbor pandemonium broke out among passenger. The river was spanned by an iron bridge. Skip to content. Sharing is caring. A Racial killing. B Murder. C Suicide. D Slaughter.

A Ardent. B Dispassionate. C Passionless. D Unemotional. Find the appropriate synonym for the word. A Culminating. B Climatic.

C Temperate. D Atmospheric. A analytical. B artificial. C comparable. D aural. Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below:. A la mode. Choosethe word appropriate in meaning to the word underlined below:. The listeners were delighted by the music concert. A Most typical example. B Most wanted thing. C Most popular. D Most utilized. Choose an expression similar in meaning to the word underlined below:.

Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below :. Tour de force. Select the correct synonym of the following word from the alternatives provided:. The patient needed an anodyne for his strained nerves. Eruption means outbreak, irruption means. Replace the underlined word by any of the options given below:.

It was queer to see his behaviour. Replace the underlined part of the sentence by any one of the four alternatives given below:. Hike in the price may mar the future of the trade world. Choose the word closest to the meaning of the underlined words :. The teacher gave us explicit instructions. The concert was a pot-pourri of events. Choose the word from the list which is nearest in meaning to the underlined part of the sentence :.

Hike in oil price may mar the future of the trade world. Choose the most appropriate single word from the options given as substitute for the underlined parts of the sentence. I met a person in the meeting whose appearance did not reflect his mind. From the given options choose the words nearest in meaning to those underline in the sentence :. The children were very vivacious in the playground. The musician has a very sonorous voice.

Choose he correct items from the given options :. He pierced the balloon with a pin. The mother hummed softly as she rocked the baby to sleep. His letter fuelled my doubts. From the given options choose the words nearest in meaning to those underlined in the sentence :. Our gateman is a man of enormous size. Man does not live by bread alone. Choose the word closest in meaning to that which is underlined:. With great cunning the clerk forged the important document.

The boy was reprimanded by his father. Please expand your commentary on the text. Compared with the earth many of the planets are bodies of immense size. The Chairman proceeded to speak in a dignified manner. To regret is to be a Sad b Sorrowful c Tragic d Sorry.

Choose the item closest in meaning to the underlined word in the given sentence. As a scholar he is almost peerless. The speaker emphasized the salient points of issue. The old lady is extremely loquacious. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the underlined part of the sentence. His arrogance is exceeded only by his abysmal ignorance. He abjured his allegiance to the kind. The orator spoke in a bombastic manner.

Many districts in West Bengal are prone to flood. There was a shadow across his face upon hearing the sad news. Sourav Ganguly scored a delectable century against south Africa in the cricket match in Nairobi. There was persistent drizzle during our week long holiday in Darjeeling. Choose the exact meaning of the bold part of the sentence.

Swami Vivekananda led a godly life. Many men sailed to Africa in quest of gold. The specious arguments of the lawyers had no effect on the judge.


Synonym – English – WBCS Preliminary Question Paper

A Belittled. B Benefited. C Troubled. D Irritated.


WBCS Preliminary Exam Solved Question Paper 2016 (English Version) _ Bengalstudents

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WBCS preliminary solved question papers of last 10 years?

Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdall. Would you argue that the Battle or Plassey was the outcome of a conspiracy? If so, how did this take shape? Would it be an oversimplification to present the civil Disobedience Movement as an unqualified advance in every respect over Non Co operation Movement? Trace the development of Muslim separatist politics since till the ultimate fulfillment of the Pakistan Movement. How did Kaiser Wilhelm II depart from them? Was it characterized by an element of aggression?


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Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below to make the sentence meaningful :. Identify the correct word from the options given to make the sentence meaningful :. An ice cube containing a large bubble of air is floating in water contained in a large beaker. When the ice melts completely, the level of water will :. On a map of the world some lines are drawn joining places of equal dip angles. These lines are known as —.

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